Star Wars: The Last Jedi Tops Social Media Buzz

The Last Jedi has continued its social media dominance, winning this past week with tens of thousands of new conversations. Starting today, fans of Star Wars will only have to wait 100 more days for the latest film in the franchise to arrive. So far, promotion for the movie has been kept to a minimum, but that's likely to change. Yesterday, we saw the first of many new magazine covers that will introduce us to the characters and themes of The Last Jedi. We've also learned more about the First Order Stormtroopers today and how they'll differ from previous enemies.

While fans are still awaiting the release of a new trailer for the movie, that hasn't stopped people from talking about what's sure to be one of the year's biggest films. Like this week, last week featured plenty of new reveals related to the film. We were teased with details about the movie and also saw a new image of Rey training on Ahch-To. Thanks to that promotion, The Last Jedi was able to walk away from last week with a sizable amount of new social media conversations.

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Variety is reporting that The Last Jedi created 78,000 new conversations. The closest competitor was IT with 52,000, due in part to positive buzz ahead of its release this week. For The Last Jedi, it's now up to nearly 2,500,000 total conversations, and that number will increases considerably when a new trailer drops.

Part of the buzz last week likely surrounded the Force Friday Star Wars event that saw the release of dozens of new toys from across the franchise. Of particular note were a number of new The Last Jedi toys, showcasing Snoke, a new BB unit, and tons of other characters. Though IT may end up dominating this week, The Last Jedi could come out on top again if the reveals continue.

Of course, another Star Wars property may take a share of the buzz. Although Han Solo has notoriously suffered from setbacks, Ron Howard seems to have things moving along. While more reveals will likely increase that film's buzz, it's the follow-up to this year's movie that's likely to take the week. Though Star Wars: Episode IX is still two years away, word broke early that director Colin Treverow has left the production. While the writing has been on the wall for a while, the exit will still take some time to process. And if Lucasfilm follow it up with the announcement of a replacement director, social media likely won't be talking about much else. Once that's died down, however, The Last Jedi should come back out on top.

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Source: Variety

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