Star Wars: The Last Jedi Puzzle Would Make An Awesome Poster


The latest piece of merchandise for The Last Jedi brings the entire cast together for a cinematic look at the film. With only a few more months before Episode VIII arrives in theaters, Lucasfilm has so far kept promotion to a minimum regarding the film. At this point, we've only seen a teaser trailer for the movie, a behind-the-scenes video, and a handful of images. Likely, more marketing is on the horizon, but a number of other sources have illuminated elements of the movie in the meantime.

As is increasingly the case with blockbuster films, all sorts of promotional items and toys have revealed certain aspects of the story for The Last Jedi. Thanks to various toy leaks, we've had hints of a meeting between villains Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke. We've also seen more of the Porgs and a new BB unit thanks to similar images. Along with the toys, various pieces of concept art have highlighted the new and returning characters and hinted at team-ups to come. The most recent set of art brought most of the key players of the film together for a poster-like image while focusing on the two main villains of the movie. Now, we have the best of both worlds: a toy that functions as a promotional poster.

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Star Wars fan account on Instagram (via Star Wars News Net) posted a picture of a new puzzle being released for The Last Jedi. Once completed, the item looks remarkably like a poster for the film. Given that most Star Wars films feature a poster in this style -- as does virtually every blockbuster these days -- it's not hard to imagine this puzzle being an early look at the theatrical poster we'll see for The Last Jedi.

- Full. On. Goosebumps. ? I know this is a puzzle, but I feel like this is going to be the official theatrical poster.. ? #StarWars #TheLastJedi #Lucasfilm #RianJohnson #DaisyRidley #Rey #MarkHamill #LukeSkywalker #CarrieFisher #GeneralLeia #AdamDriver #BenSolo #KyloRen #JohnBoyega #Finn #OscarIsaac #PoeDameron #JoonasSuotamo #Chewbacca #GwendolineChristie #CaptainPhasma #AnthonyDaniels #C3PO #JimmyVee #R2D2 #BB8


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As we await more concrete information on The Last Jedi and more official marketing for the movie, fans have been continually teased with tidbits from the film. Recently, writer and director Rian Johnson shared an image from the edit bay of the movie, channelling Ron Howard and his frequent looks behind the scenes of Han Solo. Yesterday also brought with it a look at the new vehicles the First Order will employ, and they certainly look imposing.

On top of those reveals, we learned today that the upcoming Force Friday II event will offer a look at a new character from The Last Jedi. There's a good chance more information about the movie will come as well. Despite the almost guaranteed success of the upcoming film, there's no reason to believe a heavy marketing push isn't right around the corner. With that in mind, stay tuned for all things The Last Jedi.


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Source: Instagram (via Star Wars News Net)

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