Watch the Star Wars: The Last Jedi NYCC Experience

A new video from NYCC features the Star Wars: The Last Jedi interactive experience so fans can catch up on what they missed ahead of the new movie.

Star Wars posted a video recap of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi interactive event at New York Comic Con. Missing out on a big comic con, or even just a single event at a con, isn't the major loss for fans that it used to be. Many panels are now live-streamed or covered in such depth that every major point from the event is eventually online for all to see, and all the biggest news in terms of trailers, costume reveals, spoilers, posters, etc. always gets an online release within days of a convention.

At New York Comic Con earlier this month, the event most were excited about was, of course, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The next installment in the Star Wars saga has been dominating social media buzz this month, and NCYY saw some new collectibles unveiled, as well as a look at some details from the film itself. The film also had a major presence at the convention with displays of props and an interactive event that is now available to experience online.

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The Star Wars: The Last Jedi NYCC experience took place in the NYCC booth, set up to look like a set from the movie. It included a range of props, models, and costumes from the upcoming (and previous) films for fans to enjoy. That wasn't all that was in store for fans, however. A video released by Star Wars today shows what happened when Stormtroopers and Resistance fighters rushed into the exhibit, along with fan-favorite BB-8, and performed a live and interactive piece for the crowd.

The video shows fans picked at random having their faces projected onto the exhibit as Rebellion Fighters, before Stormtroopers burst in, followed by Kylo Ren himself. After some very cool force-choke effects, Resistance Fighters come to rush the fans to freedom (and a cheering crowd).

This is such a fun video, and one that really shows why fans still make the effort to travel to conventions when all of the vital information is posted online immediately afterwards. The video shows fans gasping, laughing, taking photos and videos, and undoubtedly talking about the performance (and the movie itself) for weeks to come. It's a fantastic idea, and while the video posted can only give a general idea of what the experience itself was like, it's still heartwarming - and sure to keep generating hype for the film... not that Star Wars ever needs it.

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Source: Star Wars 

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