10 Star Wars Tattoos Only True Fans Will Understand

Just about everyone loves the Star Wars films, but here are 10 tattoos from superfans which only those in the know will truly understand.

The Star Wars saga, as told through almost a dozen films, comic books, novels, television shows, and video games is one of the most indelible stories in pop culture. It began with the films by George Lucas, and he turned it into one of the most successful franchises of all time. Star Wars has become a part of modern American mythology in many ways through its concepts of good versus evil, destiny, family, and redemption.

Star Wars has fans the world over, from the film aficionados to the merchandise collectors. One of the most meaningful ways to celebrate it is with a tattoo. From the most instantly recognizable to the most esoteric that only Star Wars insiders would appreciate, the ways to show you're a true Jedi or Sith are as endless as your ideas for a fresh piece of ink. Here are the Star Wars tattoos only true fans would understand!

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10 Mandalorian Armor Shoulder Piece

Only Star Wars and Boba Fett super fans would decide to get this incredible shoulder and chest piece; an inked replica of Boba Fett’s Mandalorian Armor. Though Fett isn’t considered a Mandalorian, one of the ancient warriors that once tried to rule the galaxy by pillage and conquest, his tactical gear is comprised of Mandalorian armor found throughout the galaxy.

This incredibly realistic tattoo shows his light blue bodysuit, weathered teal armor, and bright yellow pauldron. There’s been a lot of debate about exactly what the skull is supposed to resemble on his shoulder—either a Bantha skull or dragons that used to appear in the Mandalorian system long ago.

9 Best Friends

No two beings in the galaxy have a better friendship that R2-D2 and C-3PO—though Chewie and Han might come in a close second—the two droids that have witnessed the Skywalker Saga unfold for decades. They’ve been friends through the fall of the Republic, the rise and fall of the Evil Empire, and seen the Resistance try to take on the First Order.

These adorable forearm tattoos depict Threepio and R2 in their classic poses so that when the hands of their human “owners” are clasped, they stand side by side ready to take on whatever adventure awaits. Which, judging by the white dress of the figure on the left, could be a trip down the aisle!

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8 You're My Only Hope

The catalyst of Luke Skywalker’s adventures in a galaxy far, far away began with a simple holographic message that R2-D2 carried from Princess Leia. Intended for Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, it begged for help in aiding the Rebel Alliance fight the Evil Empire and preceded the stolen plans for the Death Star which were hidden in R2.

The happy astromech droid is depicted in this thigh tattoo displaying the words, “You’re my only hope!”, which could refer to the owner of the ink or just represent a positive phrase to flash at strangers when the weather turns nice. The neo-traditional style with bold lines and popping color is perfect for capturing R2’s larger than life personality.

7 They See Me Rollin'

BB-8 was the unexpected breakout star of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and is it any wonder? With his round body, a swiveling head, and an assortment of gadgets to help him express himself, he took R2-D2’s mantle as the small droid with the big personality. Initially Poe Dameron’s droid sidekick, he traveled the galaxy with Rey looking for the whereabouts of the elusive Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

They weren’t the only ones looking; BB-8 was also being tracked by the First Order in an effort to find Skywalker. But BB-8 kept rollin’ and was able to remain out of their grasp. This cute BB-8 tattoo is the perfect way to commemorate BB-8’s determination, and we’re sure it’d inspire nothing but happy beeps!

6 We're All Fine Here Now... Thank You... How Are You?

Successfully completing a daring rescue of Princess Leia aboard the Death Star could only happen with a daring hotshot like Han Solo at your side. From utilizing the secret cargo compartments in the Millennium Falcon where he smuggled contraband to jumping stormtroopers and stealing their armor for disguises, it certainly wouldn’t have been a callow farmboy’s first move.

Things go awry when Luke is trying to find Leia’s cell and Han is forced to answer a call from an Imperial Officer. He starts babbling incessantly, the script of which inspired this amazing tattoo. Of all the quotes from Star Wars, it has to be the most inane, but also the most recognizable to true fans.

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5 Never Tell Me The Odds

What made Han Solo a successful smuggler was that he went for any opportunity, no matter how risky. In his mind, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. What made him a great friend was that no matter how shallow and reckless he appeared, there was no doubting his bravery in times of great peril.

C-3PO tried to point out the insanity of flying through an asteroid field in the Millennium Falcon by reciting the odds of his survival, only to be responded to with this immortal line, now a slogan for daredevils everywhere. It’s presented here with this unique take on a “ship in a bottle” - the odds are good that Han would approve.

4 The Power of the Dark Side

As steadfast as the Jedi once were, the allure of the Dark Side was a seductive enemy, often corrupting the most altruistic of their Order with its promise of more power. It dissuaded many a Jedi pupil from following the path of the Light Side of the Force, tempting them to become a practitioner of the Ancient Sith Arts.

Anakin Skywalker became one of the most powerful Sith Lords of all time, Darth Vader, shown here on this epic sleeve tattoo alongside another powerful Sith warrior he but glimpsed as a boy on Tatooine, Darth Maul. All around them Force Lightning crackles and TIE-fighters soar, with his son Luke Skywalker, locked in battle in the center.

3 Kylo Ren

One of the most powerful followers of the Dark Side of the Force, Kylo Ren has emerged in the recent Star Wars trilogy as a villain to rival Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. Aggressive, determined, and resilient, he will stop at nothing to kill Luke Skywalker and expunge the Jedi Order from the galaxy.

Ren’s past is as haunted as Vader’s; he was once on his way to becoming a great Jedi Knight when his mind was corrupted by Supreme Leader Snoke to become an agent of evil. This stunningly realistic shoulder tattoo shows Kylo’s helmeted head and hood glowing behind the crackling of his lightsaber.

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2 Darth Sidious

To some, Darth Sidious was the grand puppetmaster of the Star Wars saga, pulling the strings of characters to initiate events at his whim. Born Sheev Palpatine on Naboo, he began life as a young politician, rising to the rank of Senator while hiding the fact that he was secretly learning the Sith Arts from Darth Plagueis. He clouded the minds of the Jedi Council and begin a complex strategy to achieve galactic domination.

Sidious was responsible for the genocide of the Jedi Order, the destruction of the Old Republic, and the rise of the first Galactic Empire. This tattoo does the maniacal Sith Lord proud, capturing his focused rage and lust for absolute power in what might as well be a picture of Sidious himself.

1 Fett Family Reunion

Despite not being full-fledged Mandalorians, Jango Fett and his son/clone Boba Fett might be the most well known of the ancient warriors. Certainly two of the most ruthless bounty hunters in the galaxy, their formidable appearance, skill with all manner of weaponry, and reputation for always closing a contract made them highly sought after.

Though Boba Fett never received a generous amount of screen time—his father received more dialogue—he has become a fan favorite of the Star Wars universe. This wonderful tattoo does a great job commemorating the famous father-son duo, complete with Slave I and the Mandalorian Skull.

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