Star Wars Comics Artist Draws Taika Waititi as Boba Fett

Taika Waititi

Comic book artist Phil Noto has drawn Taika Waititi as Boba Fett, the (in)famous Star Wars bounty hunter with a fondness for disintegrating things and a weakness for semi-blind men with weapons. There have been reports of Disney working on a Boba Fett solo movie pretty much ever since the Mouse House acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, but nothing has ever been made official on that front, as of yet. However, that could be changing in the foreseeable future, now that Logan director James Mangold is working on the film and writing its script with Simon Kinberg (the longtime X-Men film writer/producer and Star Wars Rebels co-creator).

In the Star Wars canon, Boba is the unaltered clone or "son" of bounty hunter Jango Fett, who was played in live-action form by Temuera Morrison in Attack of the Clones. Since Morrison is of Maori descent, it stands to reason that whoever plays Boba in Mangold's film should also be of Maori descent - assuming that Morrison himself doesn't star in the movie (he already re-recorded Boba's lines for the DVD Special Edition of The Empire Strikes Back). Waitit is a frequent pick on fan lists of Maori actors who could play Boba Fett in a live-action film, and now one well-known Star Wars comics artist has even imagined what he could look like in the role.

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Tom Taylor, a writer on the Dark Horse comic series Star Wars: Invasion and Star Wars: Blood Ties (a series that focuses on Boba and Jango Fett), posted the following drawing of Waititi as Boba Fett by Noto online. Noto, for those not familiar, is the longtime comic book artist who draws the series Star Wars: Chewbacca and Star Wars: Poe Dameron, and has worked on several Marvel and DC Comics properties over the years. The drawing adds some scars to Waititi's face and (obviously) sticks him in Boba Fett's Mandalorian armor, but otherwise leaves the actor/filmmaker's appearance largely unchanged.

As for the chances of Waiti actually playing Boba Fett, that's another matter. The Thor: Ragnarok director is currently hard at work casting his WWII drama/satire Jojo Rabbit and is attached to direct a live-action Akira comic book movie (among other projects), so his schedule should be pretty full for the foreseeable future. Moreover, as indicated earlier, it's not clear yet when Mangold's Boba Fett movie will take place in the Star Wars timeline and how old or young the character will be; meaning, despite his established connection to Disney after Ragnarok, Waititi might not even be in the proper age bracket of actors that Mangold will be drawing from to cast Boba Fett.

Waititi as Boba Fett looks cool all the same and it would be interesting to see the actor/filmmaker, known best for his comedic performances, tackle a more serious role as as character who takes after their gruff and grizzled bounty-hunting father. A Star Wars film starring a Maori actor would also be a welcome step towards greater inclusivity for the franchise, which is something else that works in the Boba Fett movie's favor. As for the fans campaigning for Waititi to land the Boba Fett role: you would do best to print lots of extra pamphlets, if you want that revolution to have any chance of taking off.

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Source: Tom Taylor

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