The 'Star Wars Stories Project' Is Strong with the Fans

Star Wars Stories Project

If you were at Comic-Con one year ago, you'll likely remember passing by the Lucasfilm pavilion as Stormtroopers and Wookies stood in line - patiently waiting to immortalize their most intimate Star Wars-related stories onto film.

Now, any fans who missed the first round of The Star Wars Stories Project, are being given a second chance to don their favorite Star Wars cosplay outfit and spill the beans on what the celebrated sci-fi franchise means to them.

According to a recent post at the official Star Wars events page, Lucasfilm will be on-site this August at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando to collect another batch of fan-stories. Previously, interested Jedi Knights and Sith Lords were able to submit their stories online, in addition to live on the Comic-Con show-floor. However, this year the submission process will be significantly more rigid: fans will be required to make it to the conference - and are strongly encouraged to reserve an appointment ahead of time.

If you're unfamiliar with The Star Wars Stories Project, here's the teaser video:

"Soliciting movie memories and fan nostalgia, the Stories Project is an ongoing initiative dedicated to chronicling the fan experience by inviting fans - young and old - to share their own anecdotes, missives and personal experiences through video testimonials. All four days of the convention, fans will have the opportunity to have their fifteen minutes in the spotlight, to tell their story as only they can tell it."

A second round for The Star Wars Stories Project certainly hints at something big happening at Lucasfilm. While it's definitely possible that Lucas is putting his own Star Wars documentary together, to potentially combat the recent release of The People vs. George Lucas (which focused on the outrage some fans feel toward the Star Wars legacy), The Star Wars Stories Project seems more like a love-letter to fans - for potential inclusion in an upcoming Blu-ray collection.

While some fans certainly think Lucas should be atoning, the filmmaker has remained unapologetic for any questionable decisions. As a result, it seems unlikely that The Star Wars Stories Project is merely damage control or a way for Lucas to pad his ego.

Whether or not The Star Wars Stories Project gets its own theatrical release, or appears tied to the forthcoming blu-ray collection or a 3D re-release, I'm excited to see what Lucasfilms puts together.

While it's easy for us to be cynical about Jar Jar Binks or Greedo shooting first, it's important to remember the joy in the countless, small (and some big) stories that Lucas has inspired.

Don't forget to book your Star Wars Stories Project reservation or visit room W305 B from 11 AM to 1 PM or 3 PM to 5 PM any day between August 12-15.

Source: Lucasfilms [via /Film]

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