Star Tours Will Remain at Disneyland & Walt Disney World After Galaxy's Edge Opens

Star Tours

Although both Disneyland and Walt Disney World will get an entirely new land based on Star Wars, the old Star Tours attraction will continue to live on at both Disney Parks. Star Tours is a motion simulator ride found at both Disneyland in California and Hollywood Studios in Florida. The ride places guests in the Star Wars universe and takes them on an adventurous trip that gets them caught up in a battle between the Light and Dark sides of the Force.

When Star Tours debuted in Disneyland in 1987, it was the first attraction that was based on a property not owned by Disney, although the company eventually acquired the rights to Lucasfilm in 2012, bringing the entire Star Wars universe under its umbrella. Since then, Disney has released a series of new Star Wars movies, with Star Tours getting regular updates to include stories and characters from the most recent film, The Last Jedi. When guests ride Star Tours now, though, the ride ends on the planet Batuu, which is where the new land, Galaxy's Edge, is located. Star Tours is still in operation in Disneyland and Walt Disney World, as well as in most of Disney's international parks.

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Many fans assumed that the opening of Galaxy's Edge might bring the end of Star Tours, a much older attraction that is not located near the new Galaxy's Edge construction in either U.S. park. However, according to io9, Disney has plans to keep Star Tours open despite it not being physically connected to the new land. There is no word on if Star Tours might get an update to fit into the new land or remain a separate part of the Star Wars story told by Galaxy's Edge. Galaxy's Edge, though, has a specific timeline that takes place between The Last Jedi and Episode 9.

Star Wars fans are getting excited with the latest stream of updates coming from Disney about Galaxy's Edge, which will open in both U.S. parks this year. Not only will fans get to visit an alien planet, but they will also get a chance to fight the resistance in an attraction called Rise of the Resistance, as well as pilot the Millennium Falcon. And if that wasn't enough, guests can stop in for a drink at the cantina, where they can sample the infamous blue milk Luke drinks in The Last Jedi.

Disney fans know they can count on the company to provide an immersive experience at their parks. Early reports already suggest that Galaxy's Edge goes above and beyond in its Star Wars theming and attractions, making it one of the most highly anticipated Disney Parks experiences of all time.

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Source: io9

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