Star Wars: The Force Awakens will release in theaters this December, and following it will be new Star Wars films every year thereafter – with films possibly already planned through 2020. With only three more films planned in the original Star Wars saga (for now), during the years in between Episodes VI-IX, Disney and Lucasfilm plan to release spinoff or standalone films set within the Star Wars universe. These films could range from a Boba Fett-led bounty adventure to a film focusing on young Han Solo or Yoda.

What we know so far about these standalone Star Wars films is that Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) and Josh Trank (Fantastic Four) are each directing one. Gary Whitta wrote a draft of a script for Edwards’ film, but has since left the project. The latest rumors suggest Simon Kinberg may pick up screenwriting duties for this first spinoff, due in theaters December 2016.

Whitta’s script was reportedly a heist about stealing the plans for the Death Star by a group of bounty hunters. But don’t immediately assume it’ll star Fett, as those same rumors said the film’s protaganist would be introduced in The Force Awakens, just obviously as much older character.

Whether or not that’s still the case is unclear, but THR has learned Edwards’ standalone Star Wars films will soon begin testing actresses for its female lead. Specifically, they’re testing Orphan’s Black‘s Tatiana Maslany and Rooney Mara (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), though Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) is also on the shortlist.

Felicity Jones in The Theory of Everything Star Wars: Tatiana Maslany & Rooney Mara Testing for Gareth Edwards Spinoff

Felicity Jones in ‘The Theory of Everything.’

Naturally, since we don’t actually know what any of these standalone Star Wars films are about, many will jump to the conclusion that the role being cast is a young Princess Leia.  And really it isn’t outside the realm of possibility if the film is indeed about stealing the plans for the Death Star, keeping in mind it’s Leia who is eventually in possession of the stolen plans. Also, it’s worth noting these actresses do share some likenesses with a young Carrie Fisher.

Then again, the female lead for Edwards’ Star Wars film may well be a woman bounty hunter or an entirely different sort of role. In fact, perhaps the spinoff story has absolutely nothing to do with a heist to steal the Death Star plans. As of right now, we simply know too little.

Who would you guess Tatiana Maslany, Rooney Mara or Felicity Jones could be testing for in Gareth Edwards’ Star Wars film? A young Leia or (hopefully) a brand new female character for the Star Wars universe? Let us hear what you think in the comments below!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in U.S. theaters on December 18th, 2015, followed by Gareth Edwards’ spinoff on December 16th, 2016.

Source: THR

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