Solo Writer Teases Underworld War Story Plans For Sequel

Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Jonathan Kasdan teases a possible Underworld War storyline for a hypothetical sequel. In the franchise's second live-action spinoff film, audiences took a deep dive into an unsavory, morally ambiguous corner of the galaxy far, far away. Solo was essentially a heist film in space, revolving around a cast of scoundrels and thieves as they looked to make ends meet during the heyday of the Empire. Of course, Han himself was ultimately revealed to be "the good guy" with his heart of gold, but many of the characters were not heroic in the traditional sense.

After so many movies depicting some variation of the tried and true Rebellion vs. Empire conflict, it was cool to see a Star Wars film go down a different path and flesh out the criminal underbelly in ways the mainline saga installments never really could. And even with a full feature dedicated to it, there's still a lot more of the underworld to explore in future projects. Kasdan has an idea what he'd like to do if given the opportunity.

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Taking to Twitter to express his appreciation for the viral #MakeSolo2Happen social media campaign, Kasdan mentioned the high fan interest helps the Solo creative team in "advocating" for another movie. In his post he teased a certain "WAR story" that could take center stage.

For those who don't know, these three emblems are (left to right) that of the Pykes, the Hutts, and Crimson Dawn - three of the more noteworthy criminal organizations in Star Wars canon. All of them were mentioned in Solo, but Crimson Dawn had the biggest role with Han and company working for Dryden Vos (and, by extension, Maul). Kasdan appears to be hinting that a Solo sequel would feature some sort of conflict between two or more of these factions, as they battle each other to seize territory in various parts of the galaxy. In Solo, Dryden mentioned Crimson Dawn had an uneasy alliance with the Pykes (which is why he was hesitant of the Kessel coaxium heist), so perhaps something happened there to put the two sides at odds. And Han, of course, was prepping to fly to Tatooine to meet with Jabba about a job, so he could find himself caught up in another misadventure.

For now, Solo 2 is a well-intentioned pipe dream. After the original flopped in theaters, Lucasfilm pumped the breaks on more Star Wars spinoffs and will now be moving forward with David Benioff and D.B. Weiss' trilogy (the first of which hits theaters in December 2022). While the odds of another Solo movie are low (though, it should be noted one never tells Han the odds), there remains an outside chance a sequel project could find a home on a different platform, like Disney+. The streaming service is getting Star Wars content via The Mandalorian and a Cassian Andor prequel series, and Bob Iger has teased a third show is in the works. Many fans are hoping this is the long-rumored Obi-Wan Kenobi project, but if it turned out to be a Solo continuation with criminal organizations duking it out, there wouldn't be any complaints.

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