Solo: Denny's Promo Reveals More New Characters

Some more new characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story are revealed in officially licensed merchandise from the film. As difficult as this might be to believe, next month sees the release of Lucasfilm's latest spinoff, which is finally at the end of its long and winding journey to the big screen. After a director switch, some recasting, and large amounts of reshoots, Solo is locked well ahead of its May release date, meaning all that's left is for the studio to market their tentpole.

Lucasfilm kicked off Solo promotion back in February with the one-two punch of a Super Bowl TV spot and a teaser trailer, but they've yet to crank up the machine to the full volume we've come to expect. It's widely expected the next few weeks will see a major promotional push, which may include a new theatrical preview. In the meantime, one of Lucasfilm's partners is getting in on the fun by spotlighting some of the faces - both old and new - audiences will see on the big screen this summer.

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Screen Rant attended a Denny's Solo media event, where they unveiled a collection of trading cards that will be sold at the chain's locations. Each pack costs $3, with proceeds going to No Kid Hungry (a charity to end childhood hunger in America). You can take a look at some images in the gallery below.

[vn_gallery name="Denny’s Solo: A Star Wars Story Trading Cards" id="1222855"]

A majority of these characters have already been showcased in previously released footage and images, but a handful of them are new. The likes of Moloch, Therm Scissorpunch, and Argus "Six Eyes" Panox are getting their 15 minutes of fame here. Moloch is a name that's been connected with Solo for some time; at one point, he/she was believed to be the character now known as Enfys Nest. It'll be interesting to see what role these creatures play in the film. Since this is the first time they've been unveiled, odds are they have small parts. Based on the context of a TV commercial for the cards (via Collider, watch above), they'll be background aliens to flesh out the establishment Lando plays sabacc - Solo's answer to the cantina. Six Eyes can be seen in the promo spot, lending credence to our theory.

In addition to new characters, Denny's also revealed brand new menu items themed after the Star Wars universe.

This Denny's promotion is just the latest instance of Lucasfilm using their platform to raise awareness for great causes and try to make the world a better place. It's nice to see there's a charitable angle to this partnership, and not simply a Star Wars themed menu for fans to dine on. Perhaps the studio will also launch another Force for Change campaign, like they have for the first few films of this new Star Wars era.

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Source: Collider

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