Star Wars: Solo Rumors Reveal Even More Legends Characters

The latest rumors for Solo: A Star Wars Story indicate the spinoff will be making more Legends elements official franchise canon. One of the more controversial decisions to come in the wake of Disney acquiring Lucasfilm was rebranding many of the previously published books, comics, and video games as "Legends." This was done to give all the studio's creatives the necessary freedom to craft their stories. The old Expanded Universe had gone on for decades and it would have been virtually impossible to integrate it all into new movies. Wiping the slate clean rubbed some the wrong way, but made everything simpler moving forward.

But just because Legends narratives aren't part of the continuity doesn't mean they can't crossover. Lucasfilm hasn't been shy about cherrypicking from the EU as they see fit, most notably with villain Grand Admiral Thrawn becoming a supporting character on Star Wars Rebels. From the looks of it, Solo is going to borrow liberally from Legends, with Tag & Bink and the Cloud-Riders gang being in the film. Now, something else from Legends is being fit into the canon.

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According to La Fosa del Rancor (via Star Wars News Net), audiences will get to see aliens known as the Mimbanese in Ron Howard's film. They are native to the swamp planet Mimban (itself a Legends location) and are said to have pointy hair. Mimban's first mention in Legends was in the novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye, where its inhabitants were called Mimbanites. In the canon, the planet was referenced in a Clone Wars episode. Solo is the first time it'll be seen on the big screen.

It will be interesting to see how closely the Mimbanese resemble their Legends counterparts, but odds are it will be a faithful adaptation. SWNN included an illustration of a Mimbanite from the Splinter of the Mind's Eye comic adaptation, which is in line with the movie description. Perhaps Lucasfilm will unveil the creatures during the final marketing push for Solo. To date, Mimban's most prominent appearance in promotion is a still image featuring mud troopers (see above). There's much to learn about the planet, so it could be used in a lengthier theatrical trailer or one of the many TV spots that's surely on the horizon. That will all depend on Lucasfilm's advertising strategy and what they wish to preserve for the premiere.

The first three Star Wars movies in the Disney era have included several franchise Easter eggs, and it looks like Solo could take the cake in this regard. Fortunately, it seems like a fair number of these references aren't going to be simple callbacks to the original trilogy, but more obscure nods for die-hards. Of course, there will be plenty of connections to the classic films, but if the Solo team dug this deep for material, there's bound to be a lot of surprises in store as well.

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Source: La Fosa del Rancor (via SWNN)

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