Tour Lando Calrissian’s Millennium Falcon In New Solo Video

For Star Wars fans who have always wanted to take a tour of the Millennium Falcon, a new video has arrived to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story and features a tour of the iconic spaceship as it existed when Lando Calrissian owned it.

The Millennium Falcon will serve as its own character in the movie, probably because it is one of the most famous spaceships to ever exist in the Star Wars universe (as well as in movie history). But as fans will see in Solo, the ship looked a lot different before Han Solo got his nerf herder hands on it. In Solo: A Star Wars Story, it is likely that viewers will see exactly how Han won the Falcon from Lando in a game of Sabacc. The movie will also feature the budding friendship of Han and Chewbacca, giving Star Wars fans a first look at what their relationship was like before they became inseparable. Trailers have shown as much, but as to the actual plot of the movie, fans will have to wait and see it for themselves when it releases.

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In the video, Donald Glover, the actor who portrays Lando in Solo, gives fans a quick tour of some of his favorite rooms on the Millennium Falcon. As expected, it's a lot shinier and less beat up than it was in the original Star Wars trilogy, leaving Glover to comment that the ship looked better when Lando had it. The video shows off a few rooms, including the cockpit, the captain's quarters, the kitchen and wet bar, guest quarters and Lando's walk-in closet, otherwise known as the "cape room."

Solo: A Star Wars Story still has to escape the string of bad luck that haunted it early on: Not only did it lose its original directors, but there were also rumors and stories about how the lead actor Alden Ehrenreich needed an acting coach to get the iconic character to come to life on the silver screen. It seems that the recently released trailers have assuaged some fans' fears, but the real test is at the box office. Ehrenreich has signed on for three movies with Lucasfilm, so it's likely that he will get a few more chances to recreate the character made famous by Harrison Ford.

Although many Star Wars fans still aren't thrilled about a Han Solo movie, most will agree on one thing: Seeing this version of the Millennium Falcon is pretty exciting.

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