Solo Kept Budget Down By Reusing Force Awakens’ Millennium Falcon

Solo: A Star Wars Story released earlier this year. The film covered the early years of iconic Star Wars character Han Solo, showing how he and Chewbacca first met, as well as how Han came into possession of the Millennium Falcon (and yes, technically, he did win it in a game of sabacc). Although the film isn't part of the new trilogy and serves as Han Solo's backstory, it still had an incredibly big budget, one of the largest in the Star Wars franchise. The film cost over $250 million, making it the most expensive Star Wars movie to date.

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That meant that producers needed to save as much money as possible. So when it came to recreating a newer version of the Millennium Falcon for Solo, the art directors were savvy enough to reuse the same Millennium Falcon from The Force Awakens. On the Solo Blu-ray special feature "Remaking The Millennium Falcon," supervising art director Alastair Bullock said: "This is the original, well, not the 'original' original Falcon. But it was the Falcon set that we built on Episode VII." Although the Millennium Falcon in Solo looks a bit different, Assistant Art Director Liam Georgensen assured fans that this was, in fact, the same set used for The Force Awakens:

"If we were to take down certain bits of this set, the older pieces of the set are still there. Beneath this facade is still the Falcon they know and love."

That still didn't keep the film from going way over budget. Not only did the production change directors shortly before principal photography finished, but there were also costly reshoots to take into consideration. These issues also delayed marketing efforts by Disney, who decided to thwart tradition and release the movie in May, rather than in December. There was also may have been fallout from fans who felt betrayed by events that occurred in The Last Jedi. In the end, Solo's box office take did not meet the company's expectations, and the movie was considered a flop. There is, however, a chance that the home video release of Solo could finally allow the film to break even.

Solo was not a bad movie, even if it didn't meet Disney's financial expectations. Star Wars fans who saw it in theaters felt mostly positive about the film, and many would like to see a sequel, which could happen, at least if Disney can pull it off with a smaller budget. The end of Solo definitely left fans hanging, and many want to see what happens next.

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