Star Wars: 15 Things That Make No Sense About Snoke

Many Star Wars fans have noted that the newest Star Wars trilogy has a lot in common with the prequel trilogy. One of the biggest examples of this is Supreme Leader Snoke. Just as Emperor Palpatine was the ultimate power behind the scenes of the Empire, Snoke is the secretive ruler of the ruthless First Order.

There are other parallels, too. Snoke hoped to either recruit or kill Rey, just as Palpatine hoped to recruit or kill Luke. And both of these big bad guys were betrayed by allies they had worked alongside for many years.

All of that makes a certain amount of sense. In fact, it'd be downright surprising if Star Wars didn't keep playing the Greatest Hits of previous stories in movie after movie. But there are a lot of things about Supreme Leader Snoke that make no sense!

This is a character who started out very mysterious. There's not a lot of mystery left, but that doesn't mean that fans don't still have questions. These questions range from why he was so focused on Kylo Ren to why he thought he was fooling anyone with his holographic tricks.

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15 His obsession with Kylo

One of the biggest things that makes no sense about Supreme Leader Snoke is his focus on Kylo Ren. You might think that Snoke is simply being practical by having a powerful young Force user on his side. However, it's much dumber than that!

Additional canonical materials have clarified that Snoke was drawn to Kylo Ren because of the balance of light and dark side inside him. Snoke thinks that this makes Ren more powerful, but it also means that the young man is always at war with himself and in danger of betraying Snoke.

Think about it—the single greatest threat to the First Order would be Snoke's strong right arm joining the Resistance, so he goes out of his way to pick someone tainted by the light side? We're not buying it.

14 He micromanages the First Order

The first time we see Snoke, it's via a hologram in Force Awakens. In The Last Jedi, we get confirmation that he likes to communicate via hologram quite a bit. That brings us to the next thing that makes no sense: why is Snoke such a micromanager?

On paper, The First Order is a lot like the Empire. It's a well-ordered machine with a military hierarchy to keep it running properly. However, Snoke seems to be dragging his main generals away every couple of minutes so he bark out new orders and reprimands.

This kind of micromanagement like this be below the Supreme Leader, and he should trust the people under his command to follow simple orders without having to constantly bug them about what to do.

13 That messed-up face

Snoke's injuries have been the subject of a lot of speculation. Many fans believe that his facial scars are the key to understanding whether this character might actually be a familiar face from a previous movie or show, and people have speculated that he could be anyone from Ezra Bridge to the resurrected Vader.

After the events of The Last Jedi, it looks like we may not get an answer about his mysterious background. This doesn't change the fact that the scars make very little sense, though.

We know that Snoke likes to micromanage and handle things from afar, and he's got enough Force power to keep anyone from getting close to him. Knowing this, the amount of injuries he sports in a world where bacta can make them go away is utterly insane!

12 His glamorous robes

Let's get real for a minute: we have to talk about this guy's robe. Supreme Leader Snoke wears what might be the ugliest and stupidest bit of fashion in the entire Star Wars universe. It offers him no real protection from his enemies. In fact, it seems to have no function at all!

People defend Snoke by comparing him to the Emperor. After all, didn't the last guy in charge also wander around in his pajamas? While there's some truth to that, Palpatine's outfit helped show that he was dark and mysterious.

On a basic level, he looked frightening, like some villain from a fairy tale. Snoke just looks like he threw on a bathrobe and decided he was never going to put on anything else!

11 Why does he care about Luke's lightsaber?

One of the biggest plot devices in the new Star Wars trilogy has been Luke Skywalker's lightsaber. It's a kind of mystical item that gives Rey special glimpses of the past and future. She uses it and protects it, but we see that Snoke and Kylo Ren want to claim the lightsaber for themselves. The question, though, is why?

Luke's lightsaber has no tactical value, as Snoke and Kylo Ren can make their own lightsabers.

It probably won't have any mystical value, either, as Maz Kanata implies that the lightsaber was “calling” to Rey alone. Finally, both Snoke and Ren seem to believe in the idea of destroying the old world to create something new. Ultimately, hanging on to one of the most famous relics of the past would only get in the way of this plan.

10 He didn't sense Kylo Ren's betrayal

The most shocking part of The Last Jedi was seeing Kylo Ren kill Snoke. Not only was it surprising to see Ren turn against his master, but it was wild to see the brutal way that Kylo Ren used Luke's lightsaber to kill his old master. As cool as the scene was, though, it makes no sense that Snoke didn't sense it coming.

We see that Kylo Ren basically tricks Snoke by offering glimpses of his plan (such as raising his lightsaber and then striking down “his true enemy”) that conceal his planned betrayal. However, Snoke is regularly able to read the minds of others, including ripping half the movie's plot out of Rey's head.

Why is he suddenly unable to accurately read the mind of someone he has known for years? And how could he set up a telepathic bond with someone he cannot accurately read?

9 Did he actually set up the Rey and Ren's force bond?

An interesting element of The Last Jedi was the mental link between Kylo Ren and Rey. This plot devices provided a great way for the two to get to know one another, and it also gave us all those hilarious memes about shirtless Kylo Ren.

Snoke claims that he set this bond up, but the movie makes the truth of his claim doubtful.

Our biggest evidence that Snoke was lying is that Kylo Ren and Rey seem to still have a mental link after Snoke is dead. While some fans point to that as evidence that Snoke is secretly alive, it seems far likelier that the Supreme Leader is dead. His death should eliminate any mental link that he is keeping open with the Force, and the fact that Ren and Rey can still communicate in this way is downright confusing.

8 Killing Luke is pointless

When it comes to Luke Skywalker, Snoke has a shockingly unoriginal plan. He simply wants to find Luke and kill him as a way of eliminating the Light Side and removing the last obstacle to the triumph of the First Order. However, this simple plan has a pretty big hole in it!

As Snoke is doing the supervillain monologue thing, he admits that he knew that the light side would rise up in power as the dark side got stronger. Basically, the more powerful Kylo Ren and Snoke got, the more likely it was that Rey and Luke would do the same.

Killing Luke strengthens the dark side, which means the light side will come back more powerful than ever.

This is even hinted at when we see a young Force user after Luke's death. Great plan, Snoke!

7 The way he treats Hux

Snoke and General Hux in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Most of what Snoke seems to do is very arbitrary. However, near the beginning of The Last Jedi, he explains his weird, abusive relationship with General Hux. Snoke tells Ren that it's wise to keep an attack dog like Hux in a place of power because Snoke can manipulate the man's weakness and use him as a tool.

This sounds like your standard supervillain logic, but it is deeply dumb.

Snoke is justifying constantly disrespecting the man who controls the entire First Order military. He virtually ensures that Hux will one day kill or betray Snoke. This is one of the reasons that Hux doesn't ask too many questions when he finds Snoke's dead body. Why would he show any loyalty to the man who constantly insulted and tortured him?

6 Why focus on superweapons?

Many fans were confused when Return of the Jedi brought back the idea of the Death Star. Why would the Empire bother to re-build the super-expensive thing that the Rebels already destroyed? We see that the First Order does the same thing by creating a bigger, better version of the Death Star in the form of Starkiller Base.

It's kind of insane that Snoke would authorize another superweapon like that. Part of the First Order backstory is that Snoke took what was left of the Empire and rebuilt it into something new. Imagine all of the time and money that it took to turn a planet into a weapon. It seems like that could have bought several fleets, some clone armies. Basically, anything that wouldn't get destroyed by a single Resistance attack.

5 He waits for Kylo to kill Han

The death of Han Solo horrified Star Wars fans all over the world. It was genuinely sad to see one of Star Wars' most iconic characters not only killed, but killed by his own son. When you really think about it, though, the most confusing thing is not why Kylo Ren killed Han Solo, but why Snoke didn't kill Han years ago.

Think about it: in Force Awakens, Snoke claims that Kylo Ren's love for Han Solo is one of the things that threatens to turn him fully toward the light. He basically admits that the mere existence of Han is a major threat to Snoke and his plans. Despite this, he lets the smuggler live, even though he clearly has the resources to track and kill Han whenever he wants!

4 His Praetorian Guards

We only see them briefly, but Emperor Palpatine surrounded himself with an elite Royal Guard. These red-clad warriors provide an extra layer of protection of Palpatine, and Snoke continues this tradition with his Praetorian Guard. After watching The Last Jedi, though, these guards don't make a lot of sense!

First, as we've established, Snoke likes to do almost everything remotely. It's kind of weird to imagine these highly trained warriors constantly standing at attention while Snoke sits around in his gold bathrobe and makes holo calls. Second, the guards are functionally useless because Snoke invites his most dangerous enemies to his chamber and is apparently incapable of sensing when someone is planning to kill him.

The bottom line? These guards have weapons to fight Force users but are unable to protect Snoke from the Force.

3 His Dark Side obsession

After his brief and mysterious appearance in The Force Awakens, we got a whole lot more Snoke in The Last Jedi. Between the two movies, we get to hear him talk a lot about the dark side. He's obsessed with the dark side triumphing over the light, for instance, and seems fascinated with the raw power offered by the Force. Ultimately, though, his dark side obsession doesn't make much sense.

Snoke may seem to be cut from the same cloth as Palpatine, but Snoke is no Sith.

For people like Palpatine and Maul, the dark side was practically a religion, but for Snoke, it's a means to an end. Why does he care about destroying the Light Side or finding Luke Skywalker when he already has the raw power he needs?

2 Why not go after the Resistance years ago?

The bleakest thing about The Last Jedi was watching all of those Resistance troops and ships getting killed. We see them go from having enough troops to fill several giant ships to having so few left that all the survivors fit on the Falcon. This forces us to ask, though, why did Snoke wait so long to attack the Resistance?

We see that all it takes is a small handful of First Order ships and the ability to track through hyperspace to completely destroy the Resistance.

It seems like Snoke could have reached out and utterly crushed his enemies whenever he wanted.

Instead, he spent thousands of times the resources necessary to kill the Resistance on building another superweapon. Once again, the micromanager villain is a terrible leader.

1 The Holograms

The Force Awakens left us with a lot of questions about Snoke. One of the (quite literally) biggest questions was just how big Snoke is supposed to be. This is because every time we initially saw him, he appeared as a gigantic holographic projection. However, The Last Jedi makes it clear that is a normal size for a humanoid.

Furthermore, the size of Snoke doesn't seem to be a big secret. Characters like Kylo Ren and Hux seem unsurprised by his actual size when they're face-to-face with him. So why does he continue using magnified holograms, as when he communicates with General Hux as a gigantic face?

The easy answer is that he does it to intimidate people, but it doesn't seem like it would be intimidating if you already know his real size. No one fears “the great and powerful Oz” after they've seen the guy behind it, Snoke!


What else about Snoke doesn't make sense in Star Wars? Let us know in the comments!

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