Star Wars Comic Adds Sith LORD MOMIN To Movie Canon

Star Wars comics have revealed the true power of Sith Lord Momin, architect of Darth Vader's castle - and teacher to Emperor Palpatine?

If Star Wars fans don't know the power of the Sith Lord Momin already, that's about to change. Because the Sith's legacy has just been woven into the movie canon - despite the Jedi trying to wipe him from history.

The new twist on the Sith is delivered in the ongoing Darth Vader comic series, already a major source of new, canonical stories in Anakin Skywalker's time at the Emperor's side. And unlike the previous addition to the now-limited number of confirmed Sith Lords, the dual lightsaber wielding Darth Atrius, the impact of Lord Momin isn't purely for the die-hard Star Wars mythology fans.

The comics have revealed him as the architect of Darth Vader's Mustafar castle, but this Sith's story is so much bigger, and so much better. Especially since he gave Vader the designs from beyond the grave.

Lord Momin's Helmet is The Emperor's Prized Relic

Where Darth Atrius and his cross guard lightsabers were a completely new addition to the Star Wars canon, fans of the comics may find the name a bit familiar. The name was first printed in the 2015 Star Wars: Lando comic, when the titular thief and some colleagues managed to steal Emperor Palpatine's Personal yacht. When they went looking for riches, they instead found relics of an altogether different sort. The relic room of Palpatine's private vessel was filled with artifacts of the Sith - a group Lando had never even heard of, with all evidence believed lost. Evidence secretly gathered by Palpatine, in preparation to bring the Sith their vengeance.

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At the time Lando had no reason to assume that Palpatine was anything but a history nut, and was concerned only with which of the relics would fetch the biggest buyer. So he didn't much care when his fellow thief, a student of Jedi and Sith history, noted that the belongings were those of "Lord Momin, an ancient Sith sculptor." A student of history who was too distracted by Lando to take notice of Lord Momin's perfectly preserved helmet... or its eyes glowing red at the arrival of visitors.

Lord Momin's Helmet is Basically Possessed

The issue doesn't actually reveal any other exposition about who Lord Momin is to the Emperor, or which of his reported "works" were built, then later destroyed to be completely missing from the modern galaxy. Instead, the glow of Lord Momin's empty helmet, like two blazing eyes, poisons one of the men in Lando's gang. Infecting him with hate and anger, he lashes out at the partner who is supposed to be the closest person in the world to him, mocking their plans for the future, and slicing off an arm.

Eventually, the helmet returns to transmit unknown knowledge upon even Lando's equally-in-danger colleague just by being placed in her hands. The heroes won the day, and Palpatine's yacht was destroyed, and the helmet and belongings of Lord Momin along with it. But that story was set just a short time before Return of the Jedi. It may have been the end of Lord Momin's influence on the surviving Sith Master and Apprentice, but it wasn't the beginning.

That story has now been told, revealing how Lord Momin passed wisdom to Emperor Palpatine, and instructed Darth Vader to build his terrifying, temple-like castle on the molten surface of Mustafar.

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