Star Wars Canon Changed The Sith Homeworld (Because Of George Lucas)

The Sith's homeworld in Star Wars was originally Korriban, but George Lucas changed it to Moraband. We explore the differences between the two.

The Sith's homeworld changed in Star Wars canon, and it was because of George Lucas himself. In the old Expanded Universe, now Legends, it was established that the Sith came from a planet called Korriban. However, Star Wars: The Clone Wars changed this to establish the Dark Side of the Force-users as coming from Moraband instead, at the behest of Lucas.

In Legends, the planet Korriban first served as the homeworld for the Sith species, a race of red-skinned humanoids who were powerful in the Dark Side of the Force. The world was first established in the comic book Tales of the Jedi: Golden Age of the Sith, published in 1996. By the time Star Wars: The Clone Wars came around, however, the name was changed with its mention in "Destiny", the 12th episode of The Clone Wars' sixth season. Because of its presence in The Clone Wars, Moraband has remained in Star Wars canon after Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm. The name was changed because Lucas thought Moraband sounded better - it's also been speculated, but not confirmed, that he felt viewers might be confused between Korriban and Coruscant - but that's not the only way the Sith homeworld was altered in Star Wars canon.

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Firstly, it should be noted that they are, in essence, the same planet. Despite changing the name, Lucasfilm have said that a planet as ancient as Moraband could've held many names, thus Korriban simply became known as Moraband. In Star Wars Legends, however, the world Korriban has been fleshed out much more than it has in canon.


In Star Wars Legends, the history of Korriban dates back 30,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, and was originally the homeworld of the Sith species. Korriban was ravaged by war, however, and eventually most of the Sith decided to relocate elsewhere in the galaxy, leaving only a section of religious fanatics behind. That was until 6,900BBY, and the end of the Hundred-Year Darkness, a bitter conflict between the Jedi and a group of Dark Jedi. The defeated Dark Jedi were exiled and settled on Korriban, where their strength in the Dark Side of the Force elevated them to God-like status, and they began breeding with the Sith species, which eventually led to the formation of the Sith Empire.

Korriban was discovered by the Galactic Republic around 5,000BBY and, with the Sith Empire destroyed in the Great Hyperspace War, the planet largely fell into ruin, mostly becoming a graveyard to the Sith Lords of old. Various Sith would attempt to rise Korriban from the ashes over the years, some more successfully than others. After the Great Galactic War, Korriban fell back into Sith hands, and a Sith Academy was established on the planet, which is where Darth Bane was trained, but it never fully recovered from the devastation of so many wars and was again abandoned and left to fall into disrepair again.

In Star Wars canon, much of this history has been lost. Moraband is still established as the anicent homeworld and burial place of the Sith, with the graveyard known as the Valley of the Dark Lords, which was the final resting place of Darth Bane. Most of what we know comes from The Clone Wars episode "Sacrifice", with Yoda visiting the planet on his quest to discover the secrets of eternal consciousness. Yoda encountered the spirit of Darth Bane, while Darth Sidious unsuccessfully attempted to corrupt him. Yoda eventually left Moraband behind, but Sidious would go on to visit the planet a number of times.

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Aside from having a thinner history, Moraband is otherwise the same as Korriban: its depiction in Star Wars: The Clone Wars matches with that of Korriban in old EU artwork, it has the same key features, and is located in the same spot in the Outer Rim. All it needs is for Star Wars canon to add back in the rich history of the Sith homeworld.

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