15Han’s Pose in the Carbonite Changes - The Empire Strikes Back

Han Solo encased in carbonite is one of the most iconic shots in Star Wars history. Chances are you can't go into a fan's home without seeing it somewhere on a fridgerator, wall, or drink coaster. For an image to be that big a part of pop culture is astounding,

especially when you consider it's completely wrong.

Before Solo gets frozen into a literal block of ice, he's handcuffed by the Empire. As he's lowered down into the carbonite chamber, you can clearly see that his hands are still tied together.

However, when Han's icy tomb comes back up after the freezing process, his hands are no longer bound by anything. Not only did he manage to get his arms free, but Han's shirt has also changed to the one he was wearing in A New Hope. Solo must moonlight as a magician in addition to being smuggler.

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