Mark Hamill Comments on 'Erotic' Rey/Kylo Hand Touching

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Actor Mark Hamill - best known for playing the part of Luke Skywalker - has weighed in on what many are calling the first love-scene in the Star Wars films. The scene in question occurred in The Last Jedi, when Rey and Kylo Ren made psychic contact and almost touched hands.

The scene was first described in erotic terms by the films' creators during a panel at the SXSW Film Festival. It was here that director Rian Johnson, who had been asked about the deeper meaning of the repeated close-up shots of hands, spoke about the scene in which Kylo takes off his glove and reaches out to take Rey's hand. Johnson claimed this symbolized Kylo Ren's attempt to reach out and make a positive emotional connection after having closed himself off for so long.

"It's the closest thing we'll get to a sex scene in a Star Wars movie," joked Johnson.

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Hamill agreed with Johnson's comments during an interview with Games Radar. Indeed Hamill claims to have been the one to point out the erotic implications of the scene to Johnson.

"I even said it to Rian, ‘When you have the fingers do this… [mimes touching hands] that’s the first sex scene in Star Wars!"

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren and Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Hamill, for his part, wishes that he'd been given even that much of a hint of a romantic life playing Luke Skywalker. Hamill only had two on-screen kisses in the entire saga and those were with a woman that was later revealed to be his sister.

"I didn’t get to touch a finger! I would have loved to touch a finger," quipped Hamill.

All joking about his part and his desire to play more romantic scenes as Luke Skywalker aside, Hamill did agree with Rian Johnson's assessment of the scene and the thought behind it.

"I thought it was so odd because I didn’t know if it’s even said in the script, if it’s described in that way, but when I saw it on screen I thought, I’ve got this charge, I went ‘Wow!’ - that’s as erotic as Star Wars gets.”

It seems that Hamill and Johnson are both correct in their assessments that - despite having been responsible for giving birth to perhaps the greatest geek fantasy in history with Princess Leia's bronze bikini in Return of the Jedi,  Star Wars is unlikely to allow anything more erotic than simple hand-holding or passionate kisses to occur anytime in the new future. With Disney firmly in control of the Lucasfilm brand and their desire to not release any film with a rating stronger than PG-13 well-known, the odds seem slim that we'll see an R-rated Star Wars movie with intense love scenes made for the sake of matching Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Star Trek film.

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Source: Games Radar

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