Star Wars: Set Video Shows Young Han Solo Racing His Podcar

Star Wars Han Solo Image With Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo

Fresh video shot at the set of the new young Han Solo-led Star Wars anthology movie reveals what looks like the hero taking his vehicle for a spin. Alden Ehrenreich is set to tackle the role of Han Solo in the much-anticipated prequel and second Star Wars anthology movie after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and the first set photos of Ehrenreich in his Han Solo costume have already surfaced online.

Though the plot details of the Han Solo movie are sparse, it's known that it will span six years of the character's life and include the story of how he first obtained the Millennium Falcon. Until he finally acquires the famous ship, he will likely have to make due in with other vehicles, whether it's for racing or escaping from enemies. A new video from the set of the movie unravels a small part of that mystery.

Making Star Wars reported on Sunday that they've obtained a video recorded at the set of the Han Solo movie as it was being filmed. The video reveals a small, grainy glimpse at what is believed to be Alden Ehrenreich filming a scene as Han Solo racing his podcar. The set is located at the Fawley Power Station in southeastern England. The video is credited to Robin Davis while a few photos of the set from "Steven H." were also posted.

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There is not a lot that can be seen of the set in the video, besides a fleeting glimpse at Solo's podcar and a large blue screen. Recently leaked concept art may act as something of a preview for what the vehicle will be. "Steve H." is also credited with getting a comment from a local around the set who described a racing scene and a battle going on:

"Finally made it out to Fawley. Nothing shaking but just spoke to a lady walking her dog…she saw some sort of battle filming plus they were filming some sort of 'drag race' with 'odd looking vehicles.'"

The video adds little insight to the Han Solo movie, how it will look and feel, and how Ehrenreich is in the role of Solo. But it does reveal that Solo will certainly have plenty of driving to do, and likely take part in at least one major race. With recent Han Solo stories, such as his part in the Leia focused Bloodline novel or even his own solo comic, telling tales of his various racing endeavors, Han Solo fans will doubtless be thrilled to see that racing may play a part in the movie.

Of course, the video is also not the best quality and it's impossible to see much detail in the vehicle. It is only a tiny glimpse at a Star Wars anthology movie that's far from done being produced. This is the most fans can expect as of right now, but it's still exciting to actually see the new Han Solo movie in action.

Source: Making Star Wars

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