Star Wars: 15 Savage Prequel Memes Better Than The Movies

The Star Wars prequels will forever remain some of the most controversial movies in the history of pop culture. To some, they represent a milestone moment when the world came together to celebrate the unlikely return of the Star Wars franchise. The rest of us are just wondering what we just saw, how it ever happened, and why poor Ewan McGregor must be forced to convince a guy not to sell something called “death sticks.”

The Star Wars prequels may go down as the absolute worst Star Wars films ever made, but there is no denying that they have wormed their way into the collective memories of Star Wars fans everywhere.

Naturally, they also so happen to be the source of some tremendous memes. Ever since some of the fine folks over at Reddit decided to devote a section of the site to creating the best Star Wars prequel memes possible, the market for such memes has grown tremendously.

There is no shortage of gut-busting funny prequel memes on the meme scene today, but there is an elite collection of prequel memes which stand tall enough above the rest to be able to boldly declare that they have the high ground.

Here are 15 Savage Prequel Memes Better Than The Movies.

15 The Second Worst Burn Anakin Ever Suffered

The relationship between Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker was never really explored in the prequels as much as it could have been. Right from the start, Windu was one of the Jedi Masters who seemed most hesitant about taking on Anakin as a pupil. He certainly never hid his distrust of Anakin.

This meme cuts right to the heart of their relationship. Windu got under Anakin's admittedly thin skin in the films by suggesting that he would never achieve the rank of Jedi Master, and this meme brilliantly cuts to the heart of Windu’s - okay, Samuel L. Jackson’s - particular way of delivering bad news.

All things considered, though, we’d say that this is only the second worst burn that Anakin has ever suffered.

14 Who’s That Pokemon?

This particular meme sends up the moment that will live in infamy for all the wrong reasons. Yes, it should come as no surprise that Darth Vader’s “Nooooo!” from Revenge of the Sith is a prime target for internet satirists, but we have to admit that the amount of comedic mileage that fans have gotten from it is downright impressive.

Anakin’s cry of pain over learning that his beloved Padme has died is immortalized by this “Who’s that Pokemon” meme which actually captures the absurdity of that moment rather well. There’s something especially amusing about the look of joy on Anakin’s face as he smugly guesses “Diglett” before the reveal leads to a reaction that we imagine sounded a whole lot better in George Lucas’ head.

13 Anakin the Creeper

Part of the reason that the relationship between Anakin and Padme is the subject of so much ridicule is that the two had zero on-screen chemistry.  The actors hopefully at least bonded over their shared suffering of having to recite some of the worst dialogue in the history of on-screen romances.

Actually, when you get right down to it, many of the exchanges between Anakin and Padme left you with the impression that Anakin was more of a stalker than a true love.

This meme addresses that particular creative flaw by using a piece of actual Star Wars dialogue (“You’re exactly the way I remember you in my dreams”) and inserting what should have been Padme’s natural reaction to such a claim. "NOOOO!!!!" indeed.

12 Blue Shell Survivor

Hey, not every Star Wars prequel meme attacks the movies. Actually, it should be said that quite a few of these memes were made by fans who have a genuine affection for the prequel trilogy. Sure, they were poorly written, poorly planned, and all around... well, bad, but the movies do have a certain charm to them, often thanks to their most absurd moments.

For example, consider the moment where Palpatine addresses the Senate and states that the evil Jedi have tried to assassinate him. Now, this scene is compromised by the fact that Palpatine happens to look like the evilest man ever. It’s saved by this remix, which recasts Palpatine as the survivor of a vicious blue shell attack. Surely, we can all sympathize.

11 Not Just the Ramen...

It probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that Attack of the Clones is a particularly bountiful source of memes. That film contains a few lines of dialogue and certain moments that missed the mark to the point that of landing in the realm of comedy. That’s even true of the movie’s most dramatic moments.

Anakin’s cry that he didn’t just kill the sand people's men, but the women and children too should have been a devastating moment for his character, but that line’s awkward delivery made stick out like a sore thumb.

There’s no shortage of memes based on that line, but there’s something special about this blend of Drake’s reaction and the modification of ramen that reminds us why Attack of the Clones movie was so wonderfully woeful.

10 Just Do It!

While many Star Wars prequel memes are done in good  humor and created by genuine fans of the films, others are made to illustrate some very blunt points. This particular meme takes the familiar “who would win?” format and uses it to address the tremendous gap in logic that seemingly caused Anakin to betray the Jedi Order and everyone he knows simply because Palpatine told him to “do it.”

Of course, that’s a pretty short summary of what actually happened in that scene, but this joke does address the issue of Anakin’s eventual turn to the dark side being such a poorly built plot point. We don’t get the impression that he turned evil because he was trying to do something good; we get the impression that he turned evil because of a couple of words.

9 The High Ground Will Go On

Of all the memorable missteps from Revenge of the Sith - that movie is a monument to Lucas’ brilliance and blundering - there is one line that fans just can’t get over. Of course, that’s because that line just so happens to have the high ground.

Yes, we’re talking about Obi-Wan’s declaration that he and Anakin’s long-awaited battle to the death was over because Obi-Wan had gained the high ground. Never mind the fact that Anakin literally has access to a variety of superpowers (or could have just gone around).

That ridiculous claim is immortalized by this Titanic meme which showcases Obi-Wan (in the role of Rose) telling Anakin (good old Jack) "it's over" in a way that doesn’t exactly recapture the emotional intensity of either scene.

8 Avengers vs Star Wars

Do you ever have one of those moments when you realize that Disney basically owns your childhood? Between classic Disney films, the works of Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and its recent acquisition of Fox and all the properties that come with that... well, the point we’re trying to make here is that Disney owns just about every property with a massive fandom.

This meme not only imagines a world in which Star Wars and Marvel join forces - do we dare to dream such a dream? - but takes a little time to make fun of that infamous moment when Obi-Wan declares an epic battle between two superheroes to be over because he has gained a vertical advantage. Even Hulk is no match for that!

7 Relatable Anakin

Remember that time that Anakin killed a Jedi Master and then proceeded to slaughter children within the span of a few hours, even though he had ever really shown signs of being truly evil before that? Wasn’t that kind of a wild and completely underdeveloped turn of events?

The person who made this meme seems to think it was. Who among us can’t relate to that late-night urge to get just one Jedi Master killing in, even though we know that it’s going to lead to the murder of a bunch of younglings?

The best thing about this joke is the way it speaks to Anakin’s decision to go from one murder to a bunch of murders just because of his “well, there’s no turning back now” mentality.

6 The More You Know...

Anakin may have been a powerful Jedi whose abilities would completely change the nature of the Jedi Order and the scope of power within the galaxy, but that doesn’t mean that he has to like sand.

Actually, as we learned in Attack of the Clones, Anakin is quite opposed to sand. Specifically, he said " I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.” Not exactly the best line to drop when you’re in wooing mode, but there you have it.

Of course, his hatred of sand does go a long way to explaining why Anakin wasn’t present at the crucial battle of Scarif in Rogue One. After all, that battle took place on a beach, and beaches are known to be full of sand.

5 What Is My Purpose?

We all wondered how Padme was going to die. After all, she wasn’t in the original Star Wars films - or really even mentioned,  meaning that she was inevitably going to meet her end before the prequel trilogy was done.

While the greater circumstances of her death make sense (Anakin’s betrayal and some physical trauma), the movie would have you believe that she really died because she was just too sad to carry on. Yep, Padme died of a broken heart.

It’s another one of those prequel moments that should have just been implied rather than spoken. Because it was spoken, we’re left with this image of a highly advanced medical droid diagnosing human feelings as the cause of death. Dang, if only someone had programmed him to love.

4 Every parent has a favorite child

Of course, the real reason that everyone was “eager” to see Padme’s death is that most people assumed that it would coincide with the birth of Luke and Leia. Sure enough, that’s what happened. It was then time to address that long-standing mystery of the Star Wars universe: “Why did Leia grow up as a princess, and Luke grew up as a farmer?”

While the lines of dialog captured in this glorious meme are never actually spoken in the film, this is one of those moments when Star Wars fans truly captured the spirit of the situation by articulating the ridiculousness of this entire affair.

If you believe that Luke was taken to the edge of nowhere in order to keep him protected, then why would they have left Leia with galactic royalty?

3 Just Anakin Things

Before we step away from the Anakin/Padme relationship - which has really proven to be a comedic goldmine for the Star Wars meme makers - we do have to address that disturbing scene in which Anakin choked Padme, lifted her off the ground, and only dropped her because Obi-Wan hit the scene like a hot new mixtape.

We’re not sure why Obi-Wan didn’t just rush Anakin down, but that’s another story.

This meme is certainly funny, but it’s a little disheartening to realize that this one joke seems to understand the nature of the Padme/Anakin relationship better than George Lucas did. Anakin was always kind of creepy, obsessive, and even abusive around Padme. Because the whole thing was portrayed a sappy love story - "just girl things" - we didn’t always see the forest for the trees.

2 Never Talk Politics With The Family

The holidays can signify different things to different people, but they tend to mean more awkward encounters with family members the older you get. Hey, it happens. People grow, people change, and people move away. Throw the old family into one confined area and toss some alcohol into the mix, and it’s usually not long until someone states an opinion that would have possibly best been left in the car.

This meme perfectly captures the spirit of that idea by addressing what tends to be the most troublesome of holiday topics. Yes, we all enter these holiday events saying that we’re not going to bring up politics, but it’s not long before we pull a Palpatine and declare that we are the Senate in a voice in that isn’t quite our own.

1 Fake News

The original Star Wars made little effort to disguise the fact that the Empire was basically the sci-fi version of Nazis. The ground forces were even called storm troopers. The prequel trilogy, meanwhile, was much more interested in the nature of general politics. Actually, The Phantom Menace dealt with politics quite a bit more than people were hoping to see from a Star Wars film.

While the films obviously weren’t making any commentary on modern political times, that doesn’t mean that certain scenes from those movies aren’t oddly relevant today. This meme illustrates that point by suggesting that the horrible actions of Palpatine and Anakin were really just a bunch of fake news perpetrated by their enemies and doubters. Thought Anakin killed those younglings? Wrong.


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