Star Wars: 20 Savage Jedi Vs Sith Memes That Will Leave You Laughing

The greatest warriors of the Star Wars universe haven't always gotten along. Well, actually... they've never gotten along. As a matter of fact, the galaxy's force users have gotten along so poorly, that they've fallen into two opposing groups with dueling philosophies, color schemes, and lightsabers. That's right, we're talking about everybody's favorite space monks, the Jedi and the Sith.

They're the highlight of Star Wars action, and the heart of the franchise's conflict between good and evil. They've been at each other's throats for centuries in a deadly serious battle to control (or protect) the galaxy. You didn't just come here for what you already knew, though.

You came for some sick memes; specifically, some sick Star Wars memes — and we've collected some of the best. The heroes and villains of the franchise are easy enough to take seriously on screen, but it might be hard rewatch such serious moments after seeing these.

While the movies make these fierce swordsman fight for the fate of the galaxy, the internet pits them against each other for our amusement.  Or, more accurately, the internet makes some jokes about how weird they are, with precise screenshots and clever captions. You get the idea.

Here are the 20 Savage Jedi Vs Sith Memes That Will Leave You Laughing. 

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20 What's That Noise?

Of all the relationships in the galaxy, Obi-Wan and Anakin's might be the most meme-worthy. Their bizarre brother/student-teacher dynamic combined with the awkward dialogue in the prequel films makes for some... interesting conversations. Their lines at the end of Revenge of the Sith are especially easy to parody, but this faux-exchange between the two perfectly encapsulates their relationship.

In the film, Obi-Wan is able to find Anakin by stowing away on Padme's starship, as she travels to Mustafar to meet him in secret. However, given Obi Wan's sassy charm, a little bit of sarcasm would have been completely appropriate upon his arrival.

It's easy to picture Anakin throwing loud tantrums as he betrays the Jedi and slaughters half the galaxy, and that only helps sell the joke. Come to think of it, he and his grandson would have gotten along all too well.

19 Knock Knock

What better way to obtain a sense of someone's inner-psychopath than through a knock knock joke?

The prequels would have you believe that Anakin Skywalker betrayed every value he stood for, all in the name of love or whatever. Regardless, the fact is that Anakin was always power-hungry and quick to resort to violence. This sadistic joke about a sadistic execution might be silly, but it doesn't actually feel all that out-of-place.

It would have been nice to keep Count Dooku around a bit longer (especially given the talent of actor Sir Christopher Lee), but George Lucas must've thought the villain's time was up. First a de-handing, and then a decapitation? What an awful way to go. At least it gave us this great meme as a result. Thanks, Dooku.

18 Anakin Checks His Texts

A memorable scene from Episode III features Anakin listening intently to Palpatine's forbidden parable about a Sith lord. Perhaps the galaxy wouldn't have fallen into such horrible shape if another Jedi had heard the conversation.

Palpatine tells Anakin about a dark force power that the Jedi do not practice: immortality. He explains that Darth Plagueis knew of this power, and with it, he could both create life and save others from dying.

Supposedly, Plagueis taught his apprentice this power. and his apprentice eventually killed him in his sleep. This apprentice is, of course, Sheev Palpatine himself. It's unclear whether or not ol' Sheev lied about the immortality thing (it's never referenced in the films again), but it serves as one of the best scenes in the prequels and one of the funniest entries on this list.

17 Always Sunny On Tatooine

Anakin may have been young and very naive, but the irony wasn't lost on any moviegoers. Jedi are powerful, but ultimately they're still very vulnerable beings — almost all of whom Anakin would go on to viciously murder as an adult. This punchline is only bolstered by the lower caption, which fans of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia will find extra hilarious.

The black background and white text is the show's episode title card, usually preceded by an ironic statement made by one of the show's characters. It's also the start of the show's delightful theme song. It might as well have been inserted into The Phantom Menace at this very moment, because this crossover is just too fitting. Cue the music!

16 *Agony Intensifies*

Obi-Wan's most important task turned out to be his biggest Jedi blunder. When he found out that Anakin turned to the dark side, he took it upon himself to confront him. When he finally defeated him by slicing off some limbs and indirectly setting him on fire, he couldn't himself to finish the job.

Obi-Wan may not have enjoyed fighting his closest ally, but Anakin needed to be stopped — even killed, if necessary. Instead of putting his burning, limbless friend out of his misery though, he leaves him in agony. Obi-Wan then takes Anakin's lightsaber and lies about the whole incident.

While you could argue that . he doesn eventually pass down the saber to Luke, it's arguably Obi-Wan's fault that Anakin was turned into a cyborg-monster for the rest of his days.

Huh? Oh yeah, Padme. He's fine. You can go back to sleep.

15 Prized Possession

This Fairly Oddparents crossover is so appropriate when compared with Anakin's loss. His fight with Obi-Wan at the end of Revenge of the Sith is the franchise's flashiest sword fight, where one false move could lead to death. Of course, Anakin's false move comes in the form of arrogance, a big flip, and a hill.

"It's over Anakin, I have the high ground!" Obi-Wan exclaims. Even in context, the line makes little sense. Sure, it's a bad idea to attack an opponent with any kind of height advantage, but Obi-Wan killed both Darth Maul and General Grievous under those circumstances, so it can't be that hard to pull off.

Turns out, it's real hard to pull off — even harder if you have to wear a giant suit of armor. Looks like no more flips for little Ani!

14 Qui Gon, Dude, Come On

Technically the Clone Wars aren't on him, but Qui Gon Jinn is responsible for far worse: the war between the Rebellion and the Empire, and the creation of Darth Vader himself.

The Jedi Council never wanted Anakin Skywalker. They saw a darkness in him that Qui Gon straight-up ignored. To make matters worse, his dying wish was for someone to train Anakin — a burden for his apprentice, Obi-Wan. If it weren't for Qui Gon, maybe Anakin wouldn't have become a murderer, and maybe there wouldn't have been a Galactic Civil War.

By extension, there wouldn't be a Resistance, First Order, or Kylo Ren either. So yeah — Qui Gon is responsible for two wars, a mass murderer, and at least seven movies worth of destruction. This might be an older meme, but it checks out.

13 Chef Kenobi

Ewan McGregor sells yet another cheesy line with his signature charm, this time in the form of taunting Count Dooku in front of Emperor Palpatine. He's not wrong — figthing Sith lords is apparently his specialty. He usually finds creative and nearly-impossible ways to secure a victory, even in the face of overwhelming odds. The best part about this meme is the burning Anakin on the grill, for obvious reasons.

If you haven't noticed, a lot of these memes feature Anakin. Despite what you may think, that is in fact a coincidence. This is still a meme list about the Jedi and the Sith, and not a roast of Anakin Skywalker (Ha! Got 'em again!), but it's not our fault that he is such an easy punchline.

12 Jedi Code on Full Blast

Obi-Wan is no angel, but he tried his best to abide by the Jedi code. Anakin, on the other hand, wanted to be a great Jedi but settled for pretending to be one. It's not easy to blame him, either. No emotional attachments to anything? The Jedi code is coldhearted, especially for people who were seen as the heroes.

Even Obi-Wan has been known to break the rules. In The Clone Wars animated series, it's revealed that even he once fell in love, and was ready to leave his Jedi days behind for love.

In the end, it didn't work out and Obi-Wan stuck to the Order's emotionless ways. Anakin simply decided that he wanted a girlfriend, and his relationship meant more to him than the rules.

11 Ah, The Memories

This meme is actually a savage interpretation of how that battle went down. Imagine how different the end of Revenge of the Sith would be if it happened so simply. We like to think that this is how Obi-Wan actually remembers it, and if it is, then his lie to Luke makes total sense.

Forget offending Luke — it's a hilariously absurd memory for Obi-Wan to have, let alone to describe to his victim's son.

What happened to Luke's father? "Oh, yeah, him. I chopped him up and threw him in lava. It was a rough day. Couldn't kill him, though. We were friends for a while, and I figured he wouldn't make it regardless. Anyway, want to come with me to Alderaan?"

10 Take A Seat

This is more of a Jedi vs Jedi meme but whatever, close enough. While he and the Jedi never exactly got along, Anakin feels quite mistreated when he isn't promoted to Jedi Master. This withholding of his promotion becomes one of the final straws in his ongoing, passive-aggressive feud with his stoic teachers.

Perhaps this moment wouldn't be so meme-worthy if Anakin had taken it in stride, but his immaturity got the better of him. Yelling "It's not fair!" about any adult problem makes the person yelling look like the furthest thing from an adult. It might as well not even be a meme.

If anything, it's an accurate representation of the same moment in Revenge of the Sith, but with a little extra sass on Mace Windu's part.

9 The Windu Challenge

Taking the joke even further, here is a hilarious glimpse at the desperation Anakin may have had for that shiny new promotion. If the Star Wars universe had social media trends, like eating challenges, perhaps this is the length he would have gone to get that attention. If Anakin existed in the real world, he would most definitely be that guy on social media. Now more than ever, having a strong social presence can be seen as a form of power.

It's not the power Anakin necessarily has in mind, but he's certainly not winning anybody over being a moody Jedi. Why he's specifically eating pictures of the man who would promote him is anyone's guess, but it's certainly great for a laugh or two.

8 Hard To See, The Future Is

Look, talking about this meme in any detail will inevitably lead to the flimsy rules of the force. So, instead of diving into a rant about how broken the force is as a plot device, let's just stick with the basics.

Yoda is one of the most powerful Jedi. He's extremely force-sensitive and boasts about the force showing him the future. Except... it doesn't? Or it does, but it's difficult to interpret.

The Jedi constantly use the excuse that the dark side clouds their use of the force. But is it so cloudy that they can't  even figure out that the President of the galaxy is evil? Even though he only works a few miles away? Even though they're totally suspicious of the guy, and have been for years? It sounds like Yoda lied on his Jedi resume — the entire council did. They're not very good at their jobs.

7 Anakin's Taste In Party Games

The Jedi are never shown in a playful light — mostly because they sit around brooding and contemplating all day. However, Anakin is tons of fun! He loves to fly, crack jokes, be a creepy flirt, and jump out of moving vehicles. Okay, so maybe he's a little on the extreme side, but that makes Jedi Limbo right up his alley.

It's a little dangerous and often a source of lost limbs, but Anakin is used to that kind of horrific injury. Obi-Wan, though? He might seem fun, but he isn't into party games really, is he? If he is, he should probably sit this one out and wait until the Jedi Council decide to play musical chairs. Yeah, that's a bit more his speed.

6 The Limbs Awaken

There aren't any Sith characters in the new trilogy yet (that we know of), but at least The Force Awakens can make a cameo on this list. It comes in the form of this meme, where Rey's force vision is replaced with something that Anakin likely imagines every now and then in his nightmares.

He must have some regrets right? Other than the one about fighting his son and all. He probably regrets choking his wife. Hopefully, he regrets killing thousands of people. Most of all, he likely regrets flipping over Obi-Wan and losing so many limbs. Obi-Wan did warn him about the high ground, after all.

Vader might have been a cold, violent monster for most of his life, but he surely wishes he didn't make such an arrogant mistake.

5 Conspiracy Theorists Rejoice

Here's one for all Darth Jar Jar fans out there. As unbearable as the character is, imagine the shock of discovering he was actually villainous all along. Of course, this is something many fans have speculated about for years.

After all, he's especially lucky when in danger (perhaps as the result of force sensitivity?) and is responsible for turning Chancellor Palpatine into Emperor Palpatine. Check out the fan theory for yourself — aspects of it can be surprisingly convincing.

In the end, Jar Jar is likely just an idiot with a knack for horrible decision-making, but in some alternate universe, audiences might have seen him as the ultimate Star Wars villain. It might not sound like a great alternative, but it's better than Jar Jar as the bumbling comic relief. On second thought, omitting Jar Jar entirely is preferable.

4 Siths Don't Just "Take A Day"

You think your boss is horrible? Imagine how Anakin feels. Obviously everything that happens to him is entirely his fault, but having to work for Emperor Palpatine seems like adding insult to injury. Anakin did think that he was pledging himself to a teacher that could help him save his wife's life. In reality, he pledged himself to an evil creep who needed a pawn to do his dirty work.

After being maimed and grilled, Anakin is "saved" by Palpatine. At least, that's probably how he sees it. By saving his life, Palpatine condemned Anakin to another: the life of a puppet. Sure, Anakin is alive, but he didn't get to live. He was stuck hanging out with Sheev for the rest of his life.

3 Far Younger And More Powerful

What more needs to be said about this meme? It's all too real.

Palpatine is a devout follower of the Sith's rule of two, and he's always looking for the next former-apprentice. Dooku wasn't exactly a warrior-servant in his prime, but with the arrival of the ambitious Anakin Skywalker, Palpatine knew he could get his claws into him.

It wasn't hard for him, really — the Jedi were clueless and Anakin was totally up for being evil anyway. This meme works with Anakin and Luke as well, but something about this combination is so much funnier.

Sorry Dooku, but Sheev traded you in for the newer model. Well, first he had the newer model kill you, so that sucks, but you're a Sith too, so surely you understand how the whole "there can only be two" thing goes.

2 The Classic

Each interpretation of the Jedi seems truer than the last. There's a little joke in here for every bit of Jedi lore; none of them ever seem to have any living parents, their vow of detachment leaves no room for romance, they tend to use mind tricks to achieve shady ends, and they probably think they look real cool swinging their lightsabers around. Admittedly, sometimes they do.

In reality though, the Jedi mostly sit around in a giant office with a great view, having dry conversations about politics, war, and the meaning of life. Oh, and sometimes they play with holograms. Overall they have a pretty awesome job, it just ends up sounding a lot better than it is to watch.

As for that handsome screenshot of Anakin, make of that what you will.


It might look like a meme, but it's really a plea of desperation. Luke Skywalker is one of the greatest characters in all of fiction. It's no secret that he's heavily featured in The Last Jedi, and the movie is apparently rife with emotional moments of horror and joy. This hints at some unpleasant developments for the galaxy's greatest hero.

If he is harmed in anyway, if anyone so much as sneezes in Luke's direction, somebody is going to pay. At this point, he has been gone for forty years, and he's finally making his grand return to society. It better not be his only return.

Frankly, if Luke dies — actually, physically dies — it will break moviegoing hearts all over the world, and nobody wants that. May the force be with Luke, and with us all.


Do you have a favorite Star Wars meme? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments  and share some memes of your own!

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