Star Wars is a massive pop culture empire that spans across several forms of media. The films are and always will be the crown jewel of the operation, but there’s obviously much more to it than that. One of the more well-known brand extensions for the galaxy far, far away is video games, as several titles have been released on numerous systems dating back to the original release of the classic trilogy. Star Wars remains a powerful force in the gaming industry, with the latest Star Wars Battlefront and a LEGO Force Awakens adaptation serving as the most recent examples.

There are clearly no signs of Star Wars games slowing down; EA recently announced that Battlefront 2 is coming through the pipeline and will even feature connections to the upcoming films (remember: just about everything is canon now). As players await for that to be released, it’s still a mystery what other Star Wars titles the developer has in mind. Could they be dipping into the realm of real time strategy (RTS)? The answer to that is maybe, seeing that footage of an unannounced Star Wars RTS game just leaked online. Watch the short clip above.

The video showcases a battle on Tatooine between Rebel and Imperial forces. X-wings fly through the sky engaging in dogfights with TIE fighters, while Luke Skywalker leads Alliance soldiers against stormtroopers on the ground. They also have to deal with AT-ATs and AT-STs during the fight. Basic combat features are highlighted, primarily Luke’s moves with his lightsaber as he seemingly leads his squadron to the Millennium Falcon for a daring escape. Skywalker can clearly do some damage with his weapon, wiping out multiple stormtroopers and a walker with a single throw of the lightsaber.

Star Wars RTS Leaked Footage Star Wars: Unannounced Video Game Footage Leaks Online

It’s somewhat surprising to see this footage on the Internet, and there are many questions fans will have after watching it. According to Game Spot, the video was originally posted by Elise Baldwin, an audio director for multiple titles of EA’s popular The Sims series. It has yet to be said if this Star Wars RTS game was an EA creation, and it’s unknown if it’s something in the works or canceled. Baldwin only mentioned in the video description that the mystery title was “in development for over a year” and saw “three platform/engine pivots.” Hopefully, this matter is addressed in some capacity when EA unveils new Star Wars content at the E3 event next month.

Longtime gamers are well aware that RTS is nothing new for the Star Wars franchise. The last to come out was Empire at War in 2006. The prospect of getting a new one soon could be fun, but one has to wonder if this would be the best investment for EA. The RTS genre is considered to be past its heyday and has largely been replaced by multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and massively multiplayer online (MMO) titles. As EA looks to improve upon their Star Wars gaming experience following the lukewarm reception to Battlefront in 2015, they might be better served going a different route by producing another type of game – one that has a better chance of connecting with players.

It’ll be interesting to see what (if anything) becomes of this down the road. This could be EA testing the waters to see if interest in a Star Wars RTS title is high, or someone simply sharing work done on a game that won’t come to be. As part of their partnership with Lucasfilm, they intend to release a new Star Wars game annually for the next handful of years, so there is the potential for an RTS to be part of their plans. Most likely, there will be clarity regarding this situation in the near future.

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We’ll keep you updated on a possible Star Wars RTS game as updates become available.

Source: Game Spot

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