17Why the Tantive IV Was Docked on the Profundity during the Battle of Scarif

Star Wars: Rogue One Rebel Fleet

Rogue One ties into A New Hope almost seamlessly, with the Tantive IV receiving the Death Star plans and fleeing into hyperspace complete with a young Leia cameo. This scene is another that has drawn criticism from many, who wonder what Leia and the Tantive IV were doing aboard the

Mon Calamari Cruiser Profundity during the battle of Scarif in the first place.

A closer look at the opening crawl and Vader’s dialogue in A New Hope suggests that Leia was present at the battle when rebel spies beamed the Death Star plans, so it’s in no way a continuity error that she’s there, but the novelization spells out why they were there as well as why the Tantive IV wasn’t a part of the battle.

Bail Organa has a brief conversation with Mon Mothma where they agree to send Leia to retrieve Obi-Wan (as is shown in the movie), so the Princess is preparing for that mission. The Tantive IV needs repairs first, so it docks with the Profundity. Since the Rebel fleet has to rush off to Scarif, the ship remains docked with the Mon Calamari cruiser until they need to flee into hyperspace to escape Vader’s brutal assault.

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