Star Wars: Official Rogue One Website Launches Helmet Creator

Rogue One Dolby Cinema poster featured

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is close to being unleashed, but that hasn’t stopped Disney and LucasFilm from making an all-out marketing push ahead of the movie’s premiere. New trailers and clips continue to come out and slowly reveal more and more layers to the highly anticipated first standalone movie in the Star Wars franchise. But the promotion for Rogue One hasn’t stopped at simple video clips.

Disney and LucasFilm have also branched out to more unconventional ways of promoting Rogue One, such as the giant X-Wing parked at the site of its Hollywood premiere. The movie has also had some web-based digital marketing campaigns that leverage social media in ways that a standard YouTube video cannot. Their latest piece of ambitious Rogue One marketing lets fans turn themselves into a rebel pilot with their own uniquely designed helmets.

The official website for Rogue One has released its own “Helmet Creator” page just in time for the movie's imminent release, allowing viewers to assemble their own fully custom-made virtual headgear. You begin by naming your squadron and call sign, then go through several pages of optional custom designs. You can modify the helmet style and color, choose your own hero insignia and mohawk stripe, customize your decals on the side, and even add your own face to the helmet. The cherry on top, of course, is to share your creation on social media.

Here's one of our own Rob Keyes:

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