Star Wars: Rogue One U-Wing

Rogue One introduced Star Wars fans to the UT-60D U-Wing starfighter for the first time. The Alliance leaned heavily on the Incom manufactured U-Wing, depending on it as a starfighter, support craft, troop transport, air support, med-evac, cargo transport, courier ship, and and personal shuttle.

The U-Wing never saw full

scale production by Incom, because the Empire nationalized the corporation before many were produced, but the Alliance saw to it that many of the versatile ships were taken off the Empire’s hands. With a crew of 2 pilots and space for 8 passengers, the heavy armor and shielding of the U-Wing made it ideal for deploying troops into combat situations, as it could linger to provide cover and support fire to aid troops in getting into position.

While not perfectly suited for ship-to-ship combat, the U-Wing was versatile enough to engage enemy starfighters when necessary, utilizing its swing wing design to increase the deflector shield spread for increased defense.

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