'Star Wars: Rogue One': Felicity Jones Playing Classic Villain's Daughter?

A new rumor suggests that Felicity Jones could play the daughter of a famous 'Star Wars' villain in Gareth Edwards' anthology movie 'Rogue One'.

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[NOTE: The following rumor COULD be considered a SPOILER by spoiler-sensitive Star Wars: Rogue One fans]

As we near the Galaxy Far, Far Away for a whole new generation of live-action Star Wars adventuring, plenty of Episode 7 (and beyond) secrets remain unspoiled. Lucasfilm has already made it clear Expanded Universe books, graphic novels, and video games now exist outside of the franchise canon - as "otherworld" stories that explore what could have been, rather than what actually happened outside of the "official" film (and cartoon series). The news came as a major blow for fans who connected to stories and characters depicted on printed pages and interactive platforms, among other mediums, especially given that many fan-favorite heroes as well as villains didn't get as much screen time in the actual movies as their larger importance, and subsequent cult-followings, might indicate (examples: Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Mon Mothma).

Several principle cast members will be explored in solo prequel films, most notably a Han Solo spinoff from Chris Miller and Phil Lord in 2018, while others have been instrumental in the canonized Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and later Star Wars: Rebels, TV series. Now, a new rumor suggests that Gareth Edwards' Star Wars: Rogue One prequel will shed light on one of the franchise's most beloved evildoers - with a direct connection to the film's lead (played by Felicity Jones).




Potential SPOILERS for Star Wars: Rogue One




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According to controversial scooper El Mayimbe, reporting on Meet the Movie Press, Felicity Jones is set to play the daughter of Star Wars' most iconic bounty hunter, Boba Fett. As with most rumors sourced to Heroic Hollywood, it's important to take this report with a major grain (bag) of salt, as Mayimbe has been off on several occasions of late - not to mention the scooper outright states he's not running the "rumor" on his own site. Plus, with a full year before Rogue One hits theaters, it's also possible Mayimbe's source is working from old ideas - and that Lucasfilm has since tinkered with the script.

Here's what the Heroic Hollywood head said:

As most readers already know, Rogue One will follow a Rebel team responsible for stealing the Death Star plans (as referenced at the end of Episode 4) - giving Luke Skywalker and the Red X-Wing squad a much-needed weakness to exploit. In addition to the main team of heroes, Rogue One is also expected to feature bounty hunters, along with other classic Star Wars villains, that intend to stop the heroes from accomplishing their goal.

Ultimately, including Felicity Jones as Boba Fett's daughter would be an interesting move for Edwards - since, given the Episode 4 time frame of Rogue One, the bounty hunter would still be active in the Star Wars universe (which, subsequently, raises questions about how her age would align with the elder Fett). Nevertheless, the idea would aid in one of Lucasfilm's biggest goals with the spinoff films: connecting established, and well-loved characters from the original series, to fresh heroes and villains for a whole new generation of moviegoers. To that end, instead of a full-on Boba Fett spinoff movie, introducing the character's offspring in a spinoff would provide an opportunity to see a different side of the bounty hunter while injecting a new layer to his story - one that would be ripe with personal drama.

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Assuming the rumor is true, it's easy to see how Jones' character could fit into the story - either as a Rebel or a bounty hunter. While a sellsword Ms. Fett would be fun to watch, it's more likely that the character will, at least by the end of the film, stand in opposition of her father and aid in the Rebels' Mission: Impossible - especially since Kathleen Kennedy has previously hinted that there wouldn't be any Jedi fighting to save the day in Rogue One. A jet-packing, blaster-wielding, female Mandalorian could be a perfect addition in the film - to help spice up the action in the final act.

That said, some will argue that Boba Fett is better off left as a mysterious force of nature - after his younger years were explored in the prequel films and later The Clone Wars. While the idea of a Fett versus Fett battle in Rogue One is bound to get some fans excited - assuming that Boba makes a full appearance - others might be concerned that the Star Wars universe is big enough for entirely new characters and a Fett daughter might actually hurt, not help, the bounty hunter's legacy.

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Of course, Mayimbe's source could have merely heard rumblings of Jones wearing Mandalorian armor - and assumed that meant she'd be playing Boba Fett's daughter. Still, she wouldn't be the first (or last) Mandalorian warrior woman to be depicted in the Star Wars canon (both official and Extended Universe) - as Bo-Katan Kryze (The Clone Wars), Vhonte Tervho (Republic Commando: True Colors) and Shae Vizla (The Old Republic), among others, all wore Mandalorian armor. As a result, it's also possible that Jones is playing a new Mandalorian-style warrior in the film, either as help or hindrance to the Rebels, with some already speculating that instead of an entirely fresh character, the actress could be portraying the live-action version of Rebels hero Sabine Wren (Tiya Sircar). After all, Sabine formerly attended the Imperial Academy - who better to help the Rebels steal the Death Star plans than a Mandalorian who soured on the Empire's cause?

Jones has also been rumored to play non-Mandalorian characters, including Rebels pilot Hera Syndulla; though, moviegoers will likely have to wait until Disney's D23 event (August 14-16), at the earliest, for an official reveal.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases in theaters December 18, 2015.

Star Wars: Rogue One releases in theaters December 16, 2016.

Source: Meet The Movie Press

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