Star Wars: Rogue One Blu-ray Release Date Potentially Revealed [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: Star Wars Junk says the Rogue One Blu-ray release date could be April 4, 2017.

Whether it feels like it or not, it's been over a month now since Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was first released in theaters. Praised for its unique tone, and different approach to exploring the Star Wars cinematic universe, the first standalone film from Disney and Lucasfilm proved to be a welcome one by both (most) fans and (most) critics. In addition to discussions about the actual events of the film itself, a majority of the post-release debates have been dedicated to the behind-the-scenes changes made to Rogue One, from how it was originally conceived to what it ended up becoming.

Since the theatrical release of the film, there's been quite a bit that has been brought to the light concerning those changes, most of which only seem to hint at there being multiple, wildly different versions of Rogue One out there somewhere. Luckily, it's possible fans may not have to wait much longer before getting their in-home, Rogue One fix either.

It looks like a new Amazon listing for a Rogue One magazine called "The Official Mission Debrief" (H/T Making Star Wars) may have revealed the film's long-awaited Blu-ray release date. In fact, it looks like the magazine's official description confirms, or at the very least, hints towards it being released the same day as the Blu-ray/DVD, which is currently listed as March 28. Take a look for yourself below:

As Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is released on DVD worldwide, The Official Mission Debrief presents an all-encompassing guide to the hugely successful movie, with unprecedented access to the making of the film, its stars, its crew and its stunning landscapes. Relive the latest movie in the world's biggest franchise over and over again. A must for any fan of Star Wars.

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Now, there's no word as of yet on if this is indeed the official Blu-ray release date for the film, so take this with a grain of salt for the time being. But with that being said, this does seem like it would be the perfect time for the studio to release Rogue One, from a scheduling standpoint alone. With Star Wars Celebration set to take place on April 13-16 in Orlando, Florida this year, it would act as almost a perfect lead into the convention, especially with the focus already beginning to shift more towards director Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Releasing the film just two weeks before that then, could give both Disney and Lucasfilm one last chance to push the standalone film before Episode VIII completely takes over fans' minds once and for all.

It's also entirely possible the studio could choose to release the film during the convention also, since this year's Star Wars Celebration won't just be about Episode VIII, but about celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars as well. As usual, Disney and Lucasfilm have been unsurprisingly secretive about the Rogue One home release info so far, so it's almost impossible to know for sure what their plan is right now. However, no matter when it is released, the Rogue One Blu-ray will no doubt be under some scrutiny from the fans who think the studio may have interfered too heavily with the project. There likely won't be any evidence of such meddling in the Blu-ray's special features or behind-the-scenes looks at the film, of course, which based solely on The Force Awakens Blu-ray, may be few and far between as it is.

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Update Source: Star Wars Junk

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