Star Wars: Rogue One Concept Art Descriptions Emerge

Star Wars Rogue One concept art

After weeks of nothing but rumors related to Disney's plans for the new slate of Star Wars movies and tie-ins, this week has seen a small storm of concrete details emerge, including an official release date for Rian Johnson's Star Wars: Episode VIII, and the reveal that the first spinoff movie will be titled Star Wars: Rogue One and is set for a December 2016 release. Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) is set to direct, and Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) will play the lead role.

The script for Star Wars: Rogue One was originally penned by Gary Whitta with later revisions by Chris Weitz, and the film is rumored to be about a group of bounty hunters who are tasked with stealing the original plans for the Death Star by the Rebel Alliance. Other rumors have pointed to younger versions of Han Solo and Boba Fett appearing in the movie.

Unfortunately the descriptions of concept art for Star Wars: Rogue One (shown at a recent Disney event) don't mention spotting any familiar faces, but together they have provided a pretty complete idea of what was shown. The most detailed description comes from Stitch Kingdom, who suggest that some kind of military stealth operation was taking place in the image.

"My personal take on it was it evoked concept art of a video game. It personally screamed Halo to me. It was very dark and done in greens, so it evoked the idea that it was being done under the cloak of night. Dozens of figures in fatigues appeared to be storming something with a strange helicopterish vehicle (open on the sides) in the background, releasing more troops."

L.A. Times reporter Daniel Miller described the scene as "gritty, showing many armored, soldier-like persons. There were tough-looking vehicles too." He wasn't, however, able to match the soldiers shown to either mercenary or Rebel Alliance factions.

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