Star Wars: 15 Things That Make No Sense About Rey

The new Star Wars trilogy has marked big changes in the franchise’s history. However, with change can come a lot of controversy. At the same, though, it can also come with a lot of praise. At the center of this maelstrom of fan opinion is the series’ newest hero and first main heroine, Rey.

Rey is a character that people love deeply or hate strongly. Even though, despite her gender, Rey is not too different from the previous main characters of the Star Wars franchise Luke and Anakin.

While Rey is a great character and Daisy Ridley does a tremendous job playing, she’s not perfect. This is both in an intentional and very unintentional sense. While some confusing things about Rey are purposeful mysteries or real character flaws, there are other things the character than are just inexplicably perplexing.

None of the confusing things about Rey gathered on this list are detrimental. In fact, most of them are more nitpicks than anything else. None of these things ruin Rey, the new trilogy, or prove she's a poorly written Mary Sue who Star Wars would be better off without.

Speaking of which, it should be mentioned the goal of this list isn't even about determining which fans are "right" about Rey. It’s just an example of showing that every Star Wars character, even the best ones, aren’t with storytelling sins. So it's worth having a little bit of fun about that fact every now and again.

So with that in mind, here are the 15 Things That Make No Sense About Rey.

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Rey and Finn - 10 Biggest The Force Awakens Mysteries
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15 She's Shocked that the Jedi Are Real

Rey and Finn - 10 Biggest The Force Awakens Mysteries

One of the most unforgettable moments in The Force Awakens is when Han tells Rey and Finn that all the stories they’ve heard are true. There’s a reason Rey and Finn learning the truth about the Galactic Civil War was in nearly every trailer. It’s magical, emotional, and hits on the nostalgia of every viewer who grew up with Star Wars.

On inspection though the emotional moment doesn’t work from a logical standpoint. Rey is flabbergasted to learn that the Jedi are real. Putting aside the fact she has incontrovertible proof the Empire was defeated (Rey lived in the wreckage of the last battle of the war between Empire and the Rebellion.), it wasn’t that long ago. Furthermore Rey shows in The Last Jedi that she knows a lot about Luke.

If anything, Han’s explanation should confirm her beliefs, not completely shake her.

14 She Doesn't Sell BB-8 For a Ridiculous Amount

Star Wars The Force Awakens - Rey and BB-8

Rey is a very kind and compassionate person. The sensitivity of Rey and her destiny to live up to the ideals of the Jedi are one of the first things that stand out about the character during her introduction in Force Awakens. This is similar to how it’s immediate obvious how Luke has the heart of a hero in A New Hope.

However, Rey is still a scavenger who is barely getting by on Jakku when she meets BB-8. Shortly after their first meeting, Rey is offered a ridiculous amount for the droid. While Rey does hesitate, she doesn’t take the deal.

Even thinking about Rey as an extraordinary good person, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t sell BB-8 other than plot reasons. The most heroic of Star Wars characters don’t treat droids as people, unless they have a long-established relationship with them. Rey has no connection BB-8 but an actual need for food.

13 She Was the Best Person to Retrieve Luke

It’s impossible to be too angry about this plot point. Rey is the main character of the new Star Wars trilogy and a solid one to boot. Obviously, Rey would be the one to interact with the last main hero, Luke. Rey also needs training from Luke to become a Jedi.

However, at the end of Force Awakens and the beginning of The Last Jedi, Rey’s mission isn’t to go to Ach-To and become a Jedi with Luke’s guidance. Rey’s goal is to go Ach-To just to bring Luke back to the Resistance. She’s hardly the best person for that job.

Luke has no idea who Rey is or why he should trust her. It’s true that Chewbacca and R2 accompany Rey. However, Leia seems like the best option to get Luke back, not some girl from nowhere.

12 She Can Understand Wookie

Daisy Ridley as Rey and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon cockpit in Star Wars The Last Jedi

A lot of the criticisms about Rey being amazing at everything are easy explainable. She’s clearly a very intelligent person who had a lot of times on her hand on Jakku. Plus, like Luke, Anakin, and other heroes before her, The Force moves through Rey. Yet there’s a few examples of Rey’s excellence that just don’t line up.

During Force Awakens, a subtle joke occurs when it’s revealed that Rey can understand Chewbacca. However, no there’s no reason why Rey should be able to know the Wookie language.

There was no Wookie on Jakku and it’s not exactly as if the species is abundant in the universe. Chewbacca is about the only Wookie that has been seen off the species' home planet, Kashyyyk.

It also doesn’t seem to be a language that could be read to be understood. How can you translate wails into words?

11 Why Would the Skywalker Lightsaber Call to Her?

There’s nothing wrong with the fact that Rey’s parents are nobodies. In fact, it’s one of the better movie twists in recent history and Star Wars in general because it subverts so many expectations. Yet Rey’s parentage being meaningless does make a certain Force Awakens plot point very bizarre.

While at Maz Kanata’s castle, Rey feels a pull from The Force that leads her to Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber. Maz explains that the lightsaber first belonged to Anakin, then Luke, and now it calls to her. Besides connecting the three trilogies, there’s no reason why the Skywalker lightsaber would want to be owned by Rey.

It’s not as if lightsabers have sentience or that Rey has any blood relation to the Skywalker family. She’s simply a very strong Jedi (in-training) and the lightsaber is just a lightsaber.

10 She Has Amazing Aim

In Force Awakens and Last Jedi, it’s explained in throwaway lines how Rey can suddenly do things with little practical experence. She has studied and taught herself a lot of skills.

Yet it’s firmly established in Force Awakens that Rey has never actually shot a blaster before Han gives her one. The most she knows is that you point and pull the trigger, but as Han explains there’s more to it.

However, when it comes time for Rey to fire the blaster she does it flawlessly. It’s true that she struggles with turning off the safety but she manages to kill her target, a stormtrooper, in one hit.

Like Luke, it’s possible that The Force is guiding her aim. Yet Rey fires the blaster in a tense and stressful emotional situation. It’s not a time where she’d be very connected to The Force. It’s more crazy than magical.

9 The British Accent

daisy ridley rey star wars the force awakens

If you want to get nitpicky, at the whole point of this list is to get nitpicky, a lot of the Star Wars accents don’t make sense. Usually the actors go into the role with whatever accent they have naturally and the franchise just lets it happen. Qui-Gon Jinn has an Irish accent because Liam Neeson has an Irish accent. There’s no other Jedi who sounds like they come from Ireland.

Even with the weirdness of Star Wars, Rey’s voice is a little strange. She’s been on Jakku for most of her life, being dumped there when she was around four years old. Yet we never hear or see a single person on Jakku with a similar voice to Rey’s own.

Rey’s most frequent interaction is with Unkar Plutt, who doesn’t sound anywhere close to British. There’s simply no in-universe reason for Rey to have Daisy Ridley’s voice.

8 She's Just 19 Years Old

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren and Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Rey’s age is never out rightly stated in the movies. However, according to various canon sources, she was born about 11 years after the Battle of Endor.

This makes her about 19 years-old when Force Awakens begins and roughly the same age during The Last Jedi. While Daisy Ridley is a young actress at the very onset of her (hopefully) very long career, she neither looks or acts like a 19-year-old.

Rey’s obviously young but Rey being a literal teenager is just weird. Rey’s apparent young age also ends up making her potential romance with Kylo Ren unsettling. Even if Star Wars doesn’t go down that route, the two have chemistry and Kylo Ren is about 29 years old.

Rey being a whole 10 years younger that Kylo makes their romance uncomfortable and it just doesn’t fit, given their similar levels of emotional maturity and development in The Force.

7 She Can Force Pull a Lightsaber to Herself With No Training

Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars The Force Awakens

With everything that The Force can do, the simple act of it being using to pull objects toward the user shouldn't be that impressive. Yet it was an important plot point in Empire Strikes Back that Luke struggled to summon his lightsaber to defend himself against a Wampa. Luke needed to calm his mind and really rely on what he learned from Ben Kenobi to grab his weapon.

However, in The Force Awakens, Rey manages to do it effortlessly. Rey not only knows she can draw a lightsaber to herself through The Force but she does it underneath the nose of Kylo Ren, without breaking a sweat.

Rey grabbing the lightsaber and proceeding to attack Kylo is an incredible moment. Normally, it wouldn’t even be that big of a deal. Yet because Luke grappled to do the same thing, with much more training, it’s very confusing.

6 She Trusts Kylo After a Vision in a Dark Side Cave

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren and Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is full of surprising and uniquely satisfying moments. One of the biggest shockers is how the movie builds a real connection between Kylo and Rey.

Whether the connection between Rey and Kylo turns romantic or stays in its current uneasy zone is up for Episode 9 to decide. Yet the deciding factor in Rey finaly trusting Kylo makes  very little sense for her character.

Rey is very antagonistic towards Kylo until she enters the Dark Side Cave / Hole on Acho-To. It’s after what she sees there that Rey finally begins to understand Kylo Ren. That's more than a little bit silly.

Luke explains that place is very powerful in Dark Side, wouldn’t it want to trick Rey into believing there’s good in Kylo? Rey is way too smart and savvy for a Dark Side vision to sway her to Kylo’s side. It's even weirder that she's kind of right too.

5 She’s Aware of Very Intimate Details of The Original Trilogy

In The Force Awakens, it’s obvious that Rey idolizes the Jedi. That adoration seems like something from an outsider's perspective. Rey’s pretty sure they existed but it’s not until Han tells her the truth that she believes the legends.

In The Last Jedi, things are a lot different. Rey knows, somehow, that Luke thought that Darth Vader could turn back to the Light and was determined to make that happen. It’s never explained how either.

Only Luke, Leia, and maybe Han were aware of Luke’s intentions with Vader. Darth Vader’s turn to the Light and Luke’s part in it shouldn’t be common knowledge.

It’s not even as if Rey had time to talk to Leia about these events and that’s how she’s aware. Rey meets Leia and almost immediately leaves to find Luke in Force Awakens. Rey just knows and for no good reason.

4 She Knows How to do a Jedi Mind Trick

One of Rey’s first real Force feats is using a Jedi Mind Trick on a Stormtrooper to free her from captivity on Starkiller Base. Rey being able to do a Mind Trick isn’t a huge deal. Mind Tricks seem to be Jedi 101. Rey doesn’t have any training, but she’s clearly very powerful and unique in her ability with The Force.

The bigger confusion is how Rey knows that a Jedi Mind Trick is even possible. In The Phantom Menace, Jedi Mind Tricks are well known enough that Watto refers to them by name but almost all knowledge of the Jedi has disappeared between Phantom Menace and Force Awakens.

On top of that, it’s something that the remaining Jedi would understandably want to keep quiet. The Mind Trick’s greatest strength is in its surprise. A girl raised on a desert planet shouldn’t know about such a specific Jedi skill.

3 Her Flying Abilities

Rey and Chewbacca Hyperspace Jump in Millennium Falcon

A lot of Rey’s amazing capabilities come with reasonable explanations. She’s shown to be a good melee fighter before ever gets a lightsaber. As a scavenger, she would know a lot of about droids and other mechanical issues. However, Rey’s ability to fly-- and to fly well-- is perplexing.

Rey’s never been off planet before Force Awakens. The most she’s driven is a speeder. Yet she’s able to pull off incredibly maneuvers with the Millennium Falcon, a ship that’s hasn't flown for years but is canonically hard to control. A life-long pilot like Luke even struggles to handle the Falcon in Marvel’s Star Wars comics.

Rey is at least very nervous stepping into the cockpit of the Falcon . Still, the previously grounded Rey pulling off complicated maneuvers to shake off trained First Order troopers is just a wee bit insane.

2 She Really Doesn’t Remember Anything About Her Parents

Rey Swim Star Wars Last Jedi

In all the speculation and subsequent disappointment surrounding the mystery of Rey’s parents, it’s easy to forget that her parents were always a mystery to Rey too.

Until Kylo Ren tells her in Last Jedi, Rey isn’t exactly sure about the identity of her parents and has no idea what they looked like; this feeds part of her desperation. Yet given that we know Rey when was abandoned on Jakku with her vision in Force Awakens, this doesn’t make much sense.

When Rey was left with Unkar Plutt by her parents she is, at the earliest, four years old. Given how traumatic being abandoned would’ve been, the images of her parents and who they were should be etched into Rey’s memory. Yet it’s only until she talks to Kylo in Snoke’s Throne Room that it all clicks for her.

It’s all for dramatic effect but Rey shouldn’t need Kylo to give the big reveal.

1 Why Did The Force Wait So Long to Awake Her?

It’s sort of unspoken that the title of The Force Awakens refers to Rey. Yet, in The Last Jedi, it’s confirmed by Snoke and Rey herself that something in her has awakened and it’s the Light Side of the The Force. Rey is the Light Side's equal to match Kylo Ren's Dark Side. While that’s a nicely poetic idea that keeps within the themes of Star Wars, it’s also mystifying.

Ben Solo turned to the Dark Side years before Rey’s awakening. Judging by the flashbacks in Last Jedi, Kylo’s turn happened around a decade prior to The Force Awakens. Rey would’ve been alive at that point but The Force evidently waited a decade to see how the whole Kylo thing would shake out before bringing Rey into a position of power.

Even for an unknown and omnipresent magical entity, this seems a little too illogical.


What are some things about Rey in Star Wars that you don't think make much sense? Sound off in the comments below!

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