Star Wars Comic Delivers Rey & Leia's Missing Scene

Whatever twists may come in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, fans know it will also be the last chance for Leia to pass the baton of leadership, and faith in the Force, for Rey to finish the saga's story. Fortunately, fans won't need to wait for that film to see the link between Leia and Rey developed further. They need only read the new Star Wars: Age of Resistance - Rey comic to get the Force Awakens scene many felt should have been a part of the movie to begin with.

It may not be as controversial a Star Wars deleted scene as others to follow, but after being plucked from obscurity by Han Solo, witnessing his death, defeating Kylo Ren, and returning to the Resistance base... fans weren't out of line to expect Rey and Leia to share a scene. Instead, The Force Awakens cuts to Rey and Leia as their conversation ends, leaving Leia to usher a simple "May the Force be with you" as farewell. Now the latest entry in Marvel's Star Wars: Age of Resistance comics is showing the conversation in full.

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The preview of Rey's one-shot comic comes courtesy of, with writer Tom Taylor and artists Ramon Rosanas getting the chance to fill in the film's gap. We don't yet know how Star Wars will give Leia a fitting goodbye, but at least now fans can scratch Leia and Rey's first farewell off the list of their missing moments. The full issue arrives on September 18th, but for now fans can read the plot synopsis and preview pages embedded below:

Orphaned on the desert planet Jakku, Rey has lived her whole life alone. That is, until she joined the Resistance, a band of intergalactic freedom fighters who defend the galaxy from the villainous First Order. Now she may be the Resistance's last hope as she works toward strengthening her connection to the Force...

Star Wars Rey Comic Preview 1
Star Wars Rey Comic Preview 2
Star Wars Rey Comic Preview 3

This preview is just a glimpse of what the full issue will add to the Star Wars canon, but even so, it isn't every day that Leia gets to step into Yoda's shoes (repeating his knowing words, despite never actually meeting him). And sure, there's no question that Yoda is to blame for Star Wars disasters left and right. But seeing one of his greatest and most tantalizing lines repeated here will raise fan hopes for what the entire book will bring later this month. For now, fans can check out the full solicitations details and plot synopsis below:

  • Star Wars: Age Of Resistance - Rey #1 (2019)
  • Written by: Tom Taylor
  • Art by: Ramon Rosanas
  • Cover Art by: Phil Noto
  • After the events on Starkiller Base, Rey grapples with witnessing Han Solo’s death and confides in the one person who best understands the need for hope in the darkest and most desperate hour — General Leia Organa.
  • SEARCH FOR SKYWALKER! After HAN SOLO’S fall, REY searched for LUKE SKYWALKER. But before Luke, there was LEIA. Witness never-before-seen moments between REY and GENERAL ORGANA. What will Rey, CHEWBACCA and R2-D2 encounter on the way to find Leia’s missing brother?

Star Wars: Age of Resistance - Rey #1 will be available at your local comic book shop on September 18th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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