Before John Williams’ score swells up in unison with a starry backdrop and yellow text that reads, “Directed by Rian Johnson” at the end of The Last Jedi, imagine, if you will, an aged Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan’s ghost revealing to Rey that she is a Kenobi. Now, imagine this revelation being followed up by news regarding a standalone Obi-Wan film in the vein of Rogue One and the Han Solo movie, continuing Lucasfilm’s ongoing series of anthology films within the Star Wars universe. Seems like a logical sequence of events. That is, assuming that the “Rey Kenobi” theory turns out to be true…

Despite being pure speculation, Rey being a descendent of Obi-Wan isn’t quite as far-fetched as it might seem (and no, not just because Ewan McGregor has repeatedly shown interest in returning to the role). If you were paying close attention, The Force Awakens sprinkled snippets of information throughout the film that may very well answer the question on every Star Wars fan’s mind: who are Rey’s parents? So, whether you’re a believer looking for affirmation or a skeptic eager to exercise your eyeballs with some strenuous eye-rolling, check out 15 Reasons Why Rey Is Definitely A Kenobi.

15. Her Loneliness Is Significant To Her Origins

Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars The Force Awakens Star Wars: 15 Reasons Why Rey Is Definitely A Kenobi

Though there haven’t been any confirmations regarding Rey’s parentage, both J.J. Abrams and Daisy Ridley have released quotes that may very well confirm the Rey Kenobi theory without question. Abrams himself mentioned how her loneliness is significant to her origins, and Ridley was quoted echoing that in an interview, saying:

I’m not sure how much I can say. I guess because I’ve said that I’m solitary; that’s how I begin — that is probably a big clue as to what it is.

Mind you, the folks at Nerd Alert consider this quote to confirm a Rey Solo theory (which is fair, considering that “Solo” and “solitary” mean the same thing), but character-wise, this could very well be the connective tissue between Rey and Obi-Wan, seeing as they both held the unfortunate title of “Sand-Dwelling Hermit.” While this quote also seem as though it might refer to a Skywalker lineage, keep in mind that Anakin, Leia, nor even Luke lived solitary lives. Their childhoods may not have been ideal, but they were hardly alone.

14. Continuing The Kenobi/Skywalker Story

 Star Wars: 15 Reasons Why Rey Is Definitely A Kenobi

Star Wars is as much about Obi-Wan Kenobi as it is the Skywalkers. Even though we spend a considerable amount of time with Luke and Anakin, Obi-Wan is thread throughout the series as well. He and Anakin trained together, and later on, Obi-Wan ushered Luke into what would be an entire trilogy of adventure. So, while this may not help confirm that Rey is a Kenobi, it certainly feeds into the theory.

With Obi-Wan being such a present character throughout the series, it would be sort of a waste to abandon his importance within the series. After defeating Anakin on Mustafar, he spent 20-odd years in solitude on Tatooine. Anything could have happened during that time, and becoming a father is an absolute possibility. Yes, doing so would have gone against the strict Jedi Code, but after going into exile, the rules likely wore out their welcome, more or less. In short, between Star Wars: The Clone Wars and both the old and new trilogy, Skywalkers and Kenobis have always been central.