The Last Jedi Novelization Explains How Rey Learned the Jedi Mind Trick

Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars The Force Awakens

The novelization of Star Wars: The Last Jedi goes a long way towards fleshing out the film, including an explanation of Rey's Force abilities. Star Wars 8 has been a subject of much debate, with critical praise offset by a serious fan backlash. Luckily, new material has helped to unlock some of the movie's secrets and shine a light on some key areas. The home video release comes with several revealing deleted scenes, although those 14 clips are nothing on the novelization.

For those looking for a deeper dive into the plot of the movie, The Last Jedi novelization has offered some interesting tidbits from the narrative and insights into the characters. We learn a substantial amount of Snoke's backstory, as well as a hidden tie between the Supreme Leader and Rey, something that also explains more of the connection between the new Jedi and Kylo Ren.

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In Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition by Jason Fry, we're able to go into the head of individual characters and better understand their motivations. In the case of Rey, we learn a bit more about her interrogation by Kylo in The Force Awakens and how it amplified her powers.

"Even as he [Kylo] callously rifled through her mind, he had somehow revealed his own. Rey found herself in his mind even as he invaded hers."

It's not long after this moment that Rey is remembering that she first tries the infamous Jedi Mind Trick that allows her to escape from the interrogation room. Star Wars: The Last Jedi continued this idea of a mental connection between Rey and Kylo, hinting that Snoke somehow facilitated their communications across space. But as the novelization proves, Kylo's initial intrusion into Rey's mind and her pushback allowed the burgeoning Jedi to unlock new abilities.

"Kylo had retreated at finding Rey in his head - had practically fled from her. But that had not been the end of that strange, sudden connection. She had seen more - far more. Somehow, almost instinctually, she knew how he accessed some of the powers at his commend - even though she didn't understand them. It was as if his training had become hers, unlocking and flinging open door after door in her mind"

It's not essential to the plot of either film to know this - in fact, it could easily be assumed given what's seen on screen - but it certainly adds some flavor to the relationship between Kylo and Rey. Whether 'Reylo' exists, it's undeniable that there's a strong connection between the two young Force users, and that will likely be a key plot in Episode IX. And the fact that Kylo's interference may be a major part of Rey's ascension as a Jedi is an intriguing sort of irony and fits perfectly with the themes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition is in stores now.

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