Star Wars: Why Han Solo CAN'T Be Rey's Father

Star Wars Han Solo Rey Father Theory

When Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's title was revealed, the theories of Rey's possible bloodline started up all over again. But whoever Rey ends up having for parents, fans can be sure of one thing: Han Solo isn't her father.

From a certain point of view, the filmmakers only have the Star Wars films to blame for the emphasis on Rey's secret parents. And with reports claiming that Carrie Fisher will return in Star Wars 9, whether in re-purposed footage from The Force Awakens, or using digital effects, the implication is that her story like that of the Skywalker family isn't over just yet. So with little support for the theory that Leia lied to Rey about being her mother, a new theory has awakened. Rey is Han Solo's daughter... he just didn't have her with Leia.

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It's a juicy bit of gossip, and would make Rey a Skywalker (only through marriage). But fans who hate the idea of Han Solo fathering a child out of his marriage to Leia have no reason to worry.

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At first glance, it might seem that speculation over Rey's parents is just crossing names off the list of original Star Wars heroes. Luke was first, followed by Leia and Han (making Rey a sister to Kylo Ren), and now a new twist keeps the dream alive--sacrificing the marriage and love story between Han and Leia to do it. Fans can debate whether an affair is more or less shameful than Han shooting Greedo first, but from a logistics point of view, the necessary timeline doesn't actually make sense: a point made by the Lucasfilm Story Group's Pablo Hidalgo when told of the theory on Twitter:

This may be enough for many Star Wars fans, but Hidalgo's explanation does assume that Han and Leia being "together" explicitly means Han never strayed... which leaves room for speculation. And while some will point to Star Wars: The Last Jedi's emphasis on Rey's parents being unimportant people, that was only director Rian Johnson's opinion. The Rise of Skywalker director J. J. Abrams confirms there is more to Rey's parents than Last Jedi suggests, which may be all the chance some theorists need.

But it's important to remember that J. J. Abrams was the one who set The Force Awakens into stone. That includes the mystery of Rey's parents to begin with. It also includes the reason why Han and Leia eventually separated in the first place, brought into focus when the tragedy of losing their son is explained. Han's ambivalence about the Jedi, and their shared guilt at letting Ben Solo become Kylo Ren is what drove them apart, Leia devoting herself to the Resistance, and Han running from the pain. Since it was J. J. Abrams who built Han's return and death on that same story, it's highly unlikely that he would undercut the setup like this 'Rey Solo' theory suggests.

Forget whether or not Han should have been unfaithful, or if their marriage wasn't as perfect as it seemed--or even how fans would react to Rey being Han Solo's illegitimate heir. It doesn't matter whether it's better or worse, it's just a completely different story than the one Abrams set up for the trilogy to follow. It's messy, confusing, and the exact kind of "twist" that the new Star Wars films have avoided. Add the fact that there's not any actual evidence to back up the theory, and fans can rest easy.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker may reveal Rey's parents. Heck, it may even bring Luke Skywalker back from the dead. But the odds of Rey being Kylo Ren's half-sister are as slim as ever.

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Source: Pablo Hidalgo

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