Star Wars: Resistance Is The Perfect Opportunity To Actually Explain Snoke

Disney announced a new animated series, Star Wars: Resistance, and it's the perfect opportunity for the Lucasfilm story group to finally flesh out the mysterious backstory of Supreme Leader Snoke. Introduced to viewers in 2015's The Force Awakens, many presumed the character would play a role similar to Emperor Palpatine in the original trilogy (the dark side master who must be defeated to end the war). For two years, fans generated a plethora of theories regarding Snoke's history, so many were absolutely shocked when the Supreme Leader met his bitter end at the hands of Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. As far as the sequel trilogy is concerned, Snoke was just a red herring.

With Snoke no longer a factor in the movies, audiences are going to have to turn to non-film canon materials to learn more about him. A novel that looks back at Snoke's rise to power certainly has potential (especially given the books' recent emphasis on the Unknown Regions), but perhaps another medium could provide the answers. As the title suggests, Disney XD's Resistance is a prequel show set during the earliest days of the Resistance. Trilogy characters like Poe Dameron and Captain Phasma have roles to play, so it'd only be logical for Snoke to factor in as well.

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It would be quite difficult to detail the beginnings of the Resistance without depicting what exactly they're resisting against. The inclusion of Phasma in the cast implies viewers will learn more about the First Order and how they came to be. The Last Jedi novelization revealed Snoke was instrumental in their ascension, using his intimate knowledge of the Force that existed in the Unknown Regions to save the Imperial remnants that headed there as part of Palpatine's Contingency plan. This isn't to say Snoke is going to be a main player on Resistance (he preferred to linger in the shadows pre-Starkiller), but he's almost going to have to be mentioned in some capacity given his significance to the First Order. It wouldn't be surprising to see him pop up in snippets, like how he did in Force Awakens.

What's more is that the Resistance was very much aware of Snoke's existence by the time Force Awakens picked up. Han Solo and General Leia Organa, of course, lost their son Ben to the Supreme Leader. Plus, fighter pilots wrote messages like "Hi Snoke" on bombs dropped during the opening sequence of The Last Jedi. Just because Snoke himself stays hidden doesn't mean his identity isn't known throughout the galaxy. Much like the Emperor, the heroes of this war know who they're going up against. Chances are, discovering Snoke's involvement with the First Order will be a key plot element, particularly when Resistance starts to get closer to the events of the films. Since all of this content is part of one cohesive canon, it would be contradictory if the Resistance went the entire series without learning about Snoke at all.

Several were angered when Snoke was unceremoniously killed off in the films, feeling cheated despite no promises from the filmmakers ever being made. As Last Jedi director Rian Johnson said, a story isn't a Wikipedia page, and there was so much going on in Episode VIII that pausing to fill viewers in about Snoke's origins wouldn't have done much good (even more so considering his ultimate fate). In the narrative of the sequels, it wasn't necessary to explain Snoke (similar to how the original trilogy treated Palpatine), but this is the advantage of having a cohesive multimedia canon. Given Resistance's place in the timeline and premise, it would be surprising if there wasn't anything new covering Snoke.

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