Star Wars Reveals The First Order’s Failed Starkiller Base Tests In Resistance

Poe Dameron and Failed Starkiller Base Tests

The latest episode of Star Wars Resistance saw Kaz team up with Poe Dameron and investigate the site of the First Order's failed Starkiller Base tests. Like the Empire before it, the First Order is clearly obsessed with superweapons; in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Supreme Leader Snoke didn't begin his invasion until Starkiller Base was ready.

Starkiller Base was essentially the Death Star on steroids. The First Order converted an entire planet into a mobile battle station by hollowing out its core, arming it with a superweapon that consumed suns as a power source and could destroy worlds with a single shot. It's easily the most formidable superweapon in Star Wars history, even if it did suffer the same fate as the Death Star, destroyed by the Resistance. But whereas the history of the Death Star is well known, Star Wars hasn't really explored how Starkiller Base came to be.

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The latest episode of Star Wars: Resistance, "The Core Problem," has finally begun to answer that question. It's set immediately before the events of The Force Awakens, and sees Kaz and Poe Dameron head out to the Unknown Regions to investigate First Order activity. Kaz has been studying the map he stole from the First Order in "The New Trooper," and he's noticed something strange that needs to be checked out. When Poe and Kaz arrive in a remote star-system, they're horrified to find destruction on a galactic scale.

Starkiller Base Tests in Star Wars Resistance

As confirmed by Star Wars' official YouTube channel, the First Order's initial attempts to create Starkiller Base met with failure. The Resistance agents discover three ravaged worlds, each of which has had the core drilled out of it. The first has been shattered; the second has been split in two; and the third is whole, but completely unstable. Kaz and Poe fly through the core of the third planet, experiencing strong gravitic anomalies and struggling to stay in one piece. Though they don't notice it, it's clear that they're flying through a planetary core that was rich in Kyber Crystals, which were key to the development of both Imperial and First Order superweapons. But the First Order's tests didn't stop there; the system's star has disappeared, presumably consumed by the attempted firing of a Starkiller Base weapon. It's clear the First Order tested the superweapon at least once in the Unknown Regions, depleting a star in a system they had no further use for.

The most chilling aspect of all this is that a fourth planet in the system was actually inhabited. In order to cover up their tests, the First Order committed an act of genocide, wiping out all life on this world. It's now entirely desolate, bereft of life, gradually cooling now that its star has been consumed. Kaz has always known the First Order are evil, but this is an atrocity on a scale he had never imagined.

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Star Wars Resistance season 1 continues this Sunday, February 24  with "The Disappeared" at 10pm/9c on Disney XD.

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