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Star Wars Resistance season 2 is on the way, so when will it release and what can fans expect from it? The third Star Wars animated series, Star Wars Resistance, stars pilot Kazuda Xiono (voiced by Christopher Sean), who works for the Resistance as a spy. Kaz's mission saw him infiltrate the Colossus station in order to report First Order intelligence back to the Resistance.

Star Wars Resistance season 1 got off to a pretty slow start, but the episodes after the midseason break proved far more powerful as the First Order established a strong presence on the Colossus. Kaz gradually began to uncover hints of the First Order's plans, discovering that their fleets were scattered across the galaxy and even finding failed prototypes of Starkiller Base - even if he didn't really understand what he was seeing.

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The final two episodes of Star Wars Resistance season 1 occur at the same time as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with Kaz watching with horror as he sees the First Order destroy his home-world, Hosnian Prime. But will there be a Star Wars Resistance season 2? And if so, what can viewers expect to happen?

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Renewal Info

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The Disney Channel has already confirmed that Star Wars Resistance season 2 will be released later this year. Other Star Wars content is being prioritized for the Disney streaming service - notably including Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the live-action The Mandalorian - but Star Wars Resistance season 2 will remain exclusive to the Disney Channel. More details will probably be announced at this year's Star Wars Celebration.

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Release Date

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No official release date has been confirmed at this point, but the Disney Channel has noted that Star Wars Resistance season 2 will release in fall 2019. The Star Wars Resistance season 1 finale is set at the same time as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which means that Star Wars Resistance season 2 will swiftly catch up to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It's possible, then, that the second half of Star Wars Resistance season 2 will actually be set in the aftermath of Star Wars: Episode IX, which releases in December 2019.

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Story Details

The destruction of Hosnian Prime has changed the balance of power in the galaxy, with the First Order launching a Blitzkrieg across the New Republic territories. Star Wars Resistance is set on the borders of the Unknown Regions - the First Order's stronghold - and it's reasonable to assume that Kaz and his friends will find themselves in the First Order's line of fire. No doubt the destruction of his homeworld will transform Kaz's character arc in Star Wars Resistance season 2. There are clear parallels between Kaz and Leia Organa in the original Star Wars trilogy; both are among their people's last survivors, losing their closest friends and family to an Imperial superweapon. That may mean Kaz is destined to become a key player in the Resistance. As Kaz's handler, it's possible Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) will also return.

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Star Wars Resistance season 2 is sure to force its many characters to choose a side. The Aces could be a potent force in the battle against the First Order, transforming from a group of hotshot pilots into a skilled Resistance cell. Unfortunately, Tamara Ryvora is likely to opt for the First Order, who have been attempting to recruit her since establishing themselves on Colossus Station. There's only a short time period between the events of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, which means Star Wars Resistance season 2 will swiftly move on and begin to reveal the aftermath of the Resistance defeat on Crait; certainly that will be the case if Poe returns to check in at some point. It's reasonable to assume Star Wars Resistance season 2 will actually set the scene for Star Wars: Episode IX, perhaps even becoming essential viewing.

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