7 Unanswered Questions Left by Star Wars Rebels

After four seasons following the crew of the Ghost, the series finale of Star Wars Rebels offered a bit of closure for the liberators of Lothal - but it asked just as many questions as it answered. When Star Wars Rebels began, it seemed just as disconnected from the films as it was from predecessor series The Clone Wars. But as the years went on, appearances by Ahsoka, Rex, Leia, Saw Gerrera, and Darth Vader himself revealed that things weren't what they seemed, with the show leaving a major impact on the canon (including the recent introduction of time travel to Star Wars).

While telling the tale of the Rebel Alliance's early days, the story of Star War Rebels focused on a fledgling group of freedom fighters often working on their own missions. At the same time, the story of two lost Jedi was told while new areas of the Force were explored. This season, we've seen new Force-sensitive creatures emerge, had some heartbreaking goodbyes, and finally saw the Ghost crew free Lothal from the yoke of the Empire.

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But despite all the ways the series finale of Rebels wrapped up its story, there are still some big questions about what the show's end means for the future of the Star Wars franchise.

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What Does The World Between Worlds Mean For Star Wars?

Ezra in the World Between Worlds in Star Wars Rebels

One of the biggest moments in all of Star Wars Rebels came during the episode called 'World Between Worlds'. The episode introduced a new facet of the Jedi Temple on Lothal, revealing it to be a gateway between time and space. The voices in the World Between Worlds charted the history of the Star Wars franchise, but the impeccably designed scene was elevated to another level when Ezra pulled Ahsoka out of time during her duel with Darth Vader from two seasons before. The concept greatly expanded some ideas that had been teased a number of times, but what could it mean for the Force moving forward?

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Though the temple was destroyed, the finale showed that even a section of it could be used to access another time period. And given we saw the Emperor reach through one of the doors in the World Between Worlds, it's strongly implied there are more ways to access the flow of time. Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni explained the big twist by stating it won't be used often, but the Lucasfilm story group has created a canon way for time to be altered by certain Force users. We may never see such a heady concept explored on the big screen, but it's hard to imagine a future show, comic, or novel not further elaborating on the idea.

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