Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer: All the Paths are Coming Together

As Star Wars Rebels prepares for its fourth and final season in a few months, the first official trailer for the show's swan song has been unveiled. While many Star Wars fans were sad to see The Clone Wars end unexpectedly - and with several dangling plot threads - shortly after Lucasfilm's acquisition by Disney, Rebels has provided a great sense of closure for some of the show's biggest remaining questions, like what happens to Rex, Ahsoka, and Maul, all while helping fans fall in love with many new characters, particularly the Ghost crew of Hera, Kanan, Zeb, Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper.

In the mad race to the events of Rogue One and the unknown fate of many of the show's main characters, season  4 is set to give fans a number of long anticipated payoffs, such as finally introducing the Rebel Alliance's iconic X-Wings after 3 seasons of A-Wings, Y-Wings, and even a B-Wing prototype. The show is said to provide additional tie-ins to Rogue One, presumably wrapping up some threads already introduced in season 3, such as Saw Gerrera. Tarkin's line referring to Krennic and "Stardust" obviously provide even stronger ties.

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While we know Hera, The Ghost, and Chopper live to see Rogue One, the future of just about every other major character - especially the two new Jedi the show introduced, Kanan and Ezra - is up in the air. In fact, most fans would be surprised to learn they live into the events of Rogue One or beyond, considering we haven't seen their impact on that portion of the timeline in any existing canon.

The action packed trailer puts the conflict with Thrawn front and center, presenting yet another major plot point in need of wrapping up by the end of the season. Thrawn isn't a known quantity during Rogue One or beyond, and while we might have an idea of where he goes, there's still some explaining necessary to get him there. However, a strong focus on a brewing Mandalorian civil war means there may be more to the season than a simple Rebels vs Thrawn finale.

Then, of course, there's Kanan, Ezra, and those wolves they keep teasing, usually with some sort of connection to Ahsoka and the mysterious convorees. It's not clear exactly what the Jedi and Padawan are up to, but they may be about to discover an aspect of the Force that, like the Bendu in season 3, is completely new to the Star Wars universe. Will this revelation somehow send them into exile or some far corner of the galaxy, or will they see a more fatal end?

Answers are coming, but with a premiere date officially set for October 16th, fans have a few more months to speculate before all is revealed.

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Source: Lucasfilm

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