Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Return Trailer: Enter Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine returns to wreak havoc on The Ghost crew in the season 4 trailer for Star Wars Rebels' final episodes. Starting back in 2014, Rebels premiered on Disney XD and has grown to be a fantastic addition to the galaxy far, far away. By now, the show has introduced several characters that have become fan favorites since their debut, and even found room for some pre-established players in its story.  Even though it airs on a kid's entertainment channel, Rebels has progressively become more mature with each passing season, with its ongoing fourth and final season being its most sophisticated yet.

Season 4 will indeed mark the end for Rebels, and that means saying goodbye to the show's main heroes. Some (like Hera) are guaranteed to make it out of the show alive, but the fates of others - especially the force-wielders Ezra and Kanan - is up in the air right now. Rebels left fans wondering how the series would close out after its 2017 mid-season finale saw Hera kidnapped, and upcoming episode descriptions teased the show's first major loss. Fans can now get a sneak peek at the show's remaining six episode by watching the season 4 return trailer.

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Disney XD has released the official trailer for the mid-season return of Rebels online, and confirmed the appearance of Emperor Palpatine in the process. The trailer (featured at the top of this post) begins with some throwback scenes to what's already happed on the series, but finishes strong with teases of what's yet to come. No one tease is quite as exciting as Sheev Palpatine joining, and Deadline is confirming that Ian McDiarmid is returning to voice the Sith Lord. Additionally, they've revealed that the final six episodes will air in three consecutive weeks, starting on February 19th - meaning Rebels will continue airing back-to-back episodes to close out the series. On top of all that, a final season 4 poster has been unveiled, as you can see below:

The arrival of Palpatine is an exciting one, but the trailer also packs a lot more in. Sabine wields Ezra's lightsaber. Tarkin launches a full scale assault on Lothal. Kanan takes on a much more rugged look as he goes to try and save Hera. He is shown using his lightsaber on several occasions, although all appear to take place under similar circumstances. This could add further credence to speculation that Kanan will be the first to go, especially since he isn't shown with the group in the rest of the trailer.

In fact, most of Ezra's time is spent away from The Ghost Crew too, so maybe the loss of his mentor sends him off on his own adventure. It looks like this journey will see him and the Loth-wolves spend even more time together, and cross paths with Palpatine. Interestingly enough, Sheev says "Ezra Bridger, mine at last," signifying he is well-aware of Rebels' lead character.

With only three weeks of episodes left, Rebels will quickly come to a close upon its return. Based on the trailer, the final episodes should be stuffed with character development as the series wraps up. But, to make sure the send off is even grander, Rebels is getting an extended 90 minute finale on Monday, March 5. Now fans just have to hope it delivers.

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Star Wars Rebels season 4 returns Monday, February 19 with ‘Jedi Night’ at 9pm/8c on Disney XD.

Source: Disney XD, Deadline

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