Star Wars Rebels Clip: Saw Gerrera is Back

Saw Gerrera makes a triumphant return in Star Wars Rebels. Unfortunately, it does not seem like it is to deliver any good news as the original rebel chastises Mon Mothma and the leaders of the pack for not being aggressive enough in their fight against the evil Empire.

As the fourth and final season of Rebels slowly inches us to the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we get a sense of what has transpired in the months or weeks leading to the big battle at Scarif. Although not much of a game player in Jyn's mission to steal the Death Star plans in the prequel spinoff, we get to know Saw a little bit more just before he ultimately met his end in the film. Now, we get to understand more why, despite supposedly fighting for the same cause, he does not work with the bigger Rebellion faction led by Mon Mothma.

In a newly released promo for next week's episode of the Disney XD series,  "In the Name of the Rebellion, " we see Ezra losing heart to carry on with their cause, especially with what happened in the show's season primere. As Kanan tries to guide him have a better understanding, they are interrupted with a broadcast of  Saw's call, calling out the higher-ups of the Rebellion for their "unwillingness to size up action against the Empire." Then, enters Mon Mothma who gets in a heated debate with him regarding their different approaches when it comes to trying to dismantle the oppressing Empire. Check out the full clip above.

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Saw's return in the Rebels' fold comes after his debut last season in the two-parter "Ghosts of Geonosis" further tying the Disney XD show to Rogue One and even the prequel trilogy with the exploration of the ringed planet. From there, we get to understand why Saw -- who apparently lost everything for the cause that he believes in, is willing to be more ruthless compared to the standard procedure of the bigger Rebellion. Having said that, Mon Mothma's approach is not entirely wrong and her and her comrades' refusal to operate at the same level as Saw is perfectly understandable when you look at it from a moral standpoint.

While Saw has his disagreements with the Rebellion, next week's mission for Sabine, Ezra, Kanan, and Hera will still have something to do with him, as well as the Death Star, aka, the Empire's secret powerful weapon. The foursome will embark on a mission to infiltrate one of the Empire's outpost, although it's unclear what their goal is --  if it is to know more about the dangerous space station, then we all know that they won't be very successful in retrieving the battle station's plans.


Star Wars Rebels returns next week with ‘In the Name of the Rebellion’ on Monday, October 23.

Source: Star Wars Official YouTube Account

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