What to Expect From Star Wars Rebels Season 4

Star Wars Rebels season 4 got a major unveiling at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, and executive producer Dave Filoni was there with voice actors Taylor Gray and Vanessa Marshall to talk about what the show's final season has in store.

As one of the first projects launched after Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, many fans weren't sure what to think of Rebels initially, but it has quickly become a cornerstone of modern Star Wars canon, superseding many of the books and comics and becoming secondary to only the movies. Last season brought Grand Admiral Thrawn out of the shadows and began setting up a number of tie-ins for Rogue One, so we can expect big things from the final season as it resolves each of those arcs.

You can get a taste of the season through the new trailer, but check out the story info provided below for more details on some of the character arcs (h/t to Star Wars Underground for some insight into the panel)

Hera Syndulla

Hera has gone through a massive transition since the first season where she was just the captain-mom of The Ghost when they were just another lone rebel cell before joining a larger Rebel group where she transitioned into a more important role as Phoenix Leader. During the panel, Hera voice actor Vanessa Marshall pointed out that several Rogue One Easter egg confirmed that she survives the events of Rebels, along with Chopper and The Ghost, and they may all have an involvement in the Battle of Scarif. So while her ultimate fate may not hang in the balance for season 4, she still has some growth to get to the rank of General as we hear announced over the Yavin IV intercom while the fleet is mustering for battle.

A part of that growth includes Hera getting a new command. We've seen her and her Phoenix Squadron pilots in A-Wings and Y-Wings in the last few seasons of Rebels, but according to a clip shown during the panel, Hera leads a group of X-Wings (while flying an X-Wing herself) into battle against Thrawn and an Imperial blockade. As the sole confirmed non-droid survivor of the Ghost crew, there's a very real possibility she could be in for some tragic moments in the season to come.

Ezra Bridger

Ezra has also seen a tremendous amount of growth over the past 3 seasons. When the show first started out, he drew plenty of criticism as a street rat Alladin rip-off, but as he's progressed, he's learned some valuable lessons, flirted with the dark side, struggled with a would-be master in Maul, and ultimately rejected it for the light. Even so, as a new generation separated from the old Jedi Order, Ezra has begun blazing a new trail that may very much be relevant to fans when Luke Skywalker determines it's time for the Jedi to end in Episode VIII.

According to Taylor Gray, the voice of Ezra, the young padawan faces the biggest obstacles he's seen in the whole show through season 7. While he's struck out on his own a from, time to time in the past, now more than ever he's out from under the support of "Mom & Dad" in Hera and Kanan, forced to continue to strike out on his own path and find his own way as he continues to mature. According to executive producer Dave Filoni, the first few episodes are used to resolve several dangling plot threads before the rest of the season really focuses on wrapping up Ezra's story. Whether that means his character is done after Rebels or if it's merely the end of a phase for him, enabling the character to continue on elsewhere, remains to be seen, but his ultimate fate has always been one of the biggest question marks hanging over the show.

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