Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Finale Trailer: Thrawn's Real Performance Begins

Grand Admiral Thrawn Star Wars Rebels Zero Hour

After the highly-anticipated rematch between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul, Star Wars Rebels is about to conclude its third season with an even bigger bang. Next week's episode is a two-parter titled "Zero Hour," in which all of the planning and plotting Grand Admiral Thrawn has done leads up to one large-scale battle that looks to crush the Rebellion once and for all. Obviously, things won't be that devastating, but odds are the Alliance could be severely set back depending on how things shake out. They always were the scrappy underdogs and didn't get their first victory against the Empire until Scarif in Rogue One.

By now, fans are already on board to see what transpires in "Zero Hour," but that hasn't stopped Disney XD from promoting the episode. The network has unveiled a brand new trailer for the season 3 finale, showcasing all the explosive action as the Rebels come under fire. You can watch it above.

The promo is primarily focused on the big battle, and from the sound of it, the Imperials aren't attacking lightly. Hera notes that Thrawn is launching the "first wave," implying that there are plenty of reinforcements at the Grand Admiral's disposal. In classic Star Wars fashion, the conflict will take place both in space and on the ground. As the Ghost deals with an onslaught of TIE fighters and Star Destroyers, Zeb is on the planet's surface trying to hold back walkers attempting to wipe them out. Things seem to be pretty dire from the Rebels' perspective, so it's worth wondering if one of the main characters will meet their end here. The show is coming back for a fourth season, but its future beyond that remains in question.

Grand Admiral Thrawn Star Wars Rebels Zero Hour

With the Imperials arriving with a massive army, the Rebels need to boost their ranks somehow, and help comes in the way of Sabine and the Mandalorians. The Ghost crew bid farewell to Sabine earlier in the third season, as she decided to stay on her home world and follow her own destiny. Sabine's departure from the main group was a sad, emotional moment, and it's nice to see that she has a part to play in the finale. She's been such a crucial character throughout Rebels, it would come across as odd if she wasn't fighting alongside her friends when they were pushed to the brink. From the footage, there are a few Mandalorian warriors coming to the aid of the Rebels, so hopefully they can even the odds a bit.

Last season, the Rebels finale was regarded as one of the show's strongest episodes, featuring Maul's return and the climactic Darth Vader vs. Ahsoka lightsaber duel. Dave Filoni and crew seem to know how to end years on a high note, and many would love to see something like that happen again. Some viewers are still waiting for Thrawn's full potential to be fully realized on-screen, and this appears to be the perfect opportunity to unleash the wrath of the villain and show newcomers why he was such a favorite amongst fans of the Legends material. There's sure to be much excitement in store.

Star Wars Rebels airs Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. EST on Disney XD.

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