Star Wars Rebels: The Red Blades Are Coming

[This is a review of Star Wars Rebels season 2, episode 8. There will be SPOILERS.] 


Star Wars Rebels kicked it into high-gear this week with another fantastic episode, entitled 'The Future of the Force.' Ahsoka Tano is finally back with the team while they search for missing force-sensitive children being pursued by the Empire.

Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother entered this week's adventure in terrifying fashion, as they stalk their prey in the form of a baby being held by its grandmother. Rebels may air on a network run by Disney, but the implied massacre that proceeded the Inquisitor's arrival was no less horrifying. One has to wonder if the grandmother died after Ahsoka told her she needed to rest. David Filoni and his team sure know how to bring out emotions in the most subtle of ways.

Away from the emptiness of space and back on solid ground, Ezra, Kanan, and Zeb search for the missing babies and run into more trouble than they bargained for. Ezra's growth as a Jedi continues, especially when he's put in charge of babysitting and has to use the force to not only calm himself, but the panic-ridden child he's carrying while trying to avoid being stabbed by a lightsaber (talk about multitasking).

These new younglings raise an interesting question about the future of the Jedi order. We know Yoda informs Luke in Return of the Jedi that he will be the last Jedi when he dies (minus Leia), but what does that mean for these force sensitive children? The episode is called 'The Future of the Force,' so are we to assume that these children will be trained at some point in the future? Ahsoka and Kanan seem content to just protect these kids, so it seems that any kind of training will be out of the question, for now.

Ezra wins the idiot of the week award for his public outburst naming the exact location of where his friends are on a crowded street. The young padawan was unaware of the droid hovering nearby, but you don't blurt something like that out, especially to a baby that doesn't even understand what you're saying anyway. Much to learn, he still has.

Chopper continues to be a welcome source of amusement, especially when he suggests to Zeb that they blow up the Inquisitor's ship with the baby still inside. The colorful droid made up for his want of destruction in the end by entertaining the little ones better than the adults could. He's becoming one of the better droids ever conceived in the Star Wars universe.

The final battle between Ahsoka and the Inquisitors definitely stole the show with the former apprentice of Anakin Skywalker proving why she's still a badass. Vader's puppets may have skill, but they're no match for a Jedi as powerful as Ahsoka. Her dual white lightsabers looked great and also set her apart from other Jedi. Remember, she walked away from the order before its downfall, so she's not what you would call a "true believer." Like her master, she had her doubts. Hopefully we'll learn more about her journey after she left the order in future episodes.

Star Wars Rebels feels like it's finally finding its stride this season, delivering another stellar episode. What was your favorite moment from this week's outing?

Star Wars Rebels continues with 'Legacy' next Wednesday @9:30pm on Disney XD.

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