'Star Wars Rebels' Finale Preview Teases Darth Vader Cameo

Star Wars Rebels has kept up the strong (if unappreciated) legacy of Star Wars animated series - especially since Rebels and its predecessor, Clone Warsare now considered official canon within the Star Wars shared universe. If you're a fan of Rebels, it's almost hard to believe that season 1 is already coming to a close; it feels as though we are just now getting know about the deeper potential and larger connections that characters like Kanan, Ezra or the villainous Inquisitor have to the larger Star Wars mythos - including Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

But Rebels season 1 is indeed coming to a close - and from the look of the preview above, it's certainly going to go out with a bang - or more accurately, a buzz of lightsaber-on-lightsaber activity. But that's not all: THE big bad from the Star Wars original trilogy will be making his presence felt on Rebels.

Darth Vader Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor

As we saw in the final seconds of the teaser, Darth Vader will (once again) be appearing on Rebels. Vader (and his original voice actor James Earl Jones) appeared via communications on a special re-cut of the Star Wars Rebels premiere (see above), which aired on ABC back in fall 2014. This time, however, it's clear that the Sith Lord will be appearing in the flesh - or armor as it were - which does not bode well for whichever member(s) of the Rebels squad find themselves in his path.

One of the more interesting things hanging over Star Wars Rebels has always been the question about the final fates of its characters. Kanan and Ezra (the two force-sensitive Jedi) are particularly curious; being that they were created for the show, it's hard to miss that there is no clear correlation between them and characters or mythos of the Original Trilogy.

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Ominous possibilities arise when one questions how the seeming founders of the Rebel Alliance could go unnoticed by history. That same question extends to the Inquisitor order, which has never been mentioned before within canon - but could play a big role in The Force Awakens, after somehow going unnoticed in the Original Trilogy.

Hopefully such questions will start to come into focus when Star Wars Rebels airs its season 1 finale, "Fire Across the Galaxy" on March 2nd @ 9pm on Disney XD.  (Or catch it early, commercial free, On Demand through your local cable provider.)

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