'Star Wars Rebels' Gives the Girls a Night Out

[This is a review of Star Wars Rebels season 1, episode 6. There will be SPOILERS.]


The ladies are finally given their moment to shine in this latest episode of Star Wars Rebels, entitled 'Out of Darkness'. After weeks of focusing on Ezra, Kanan and Zeb, it was nice to see what Hera and Sabine can do when their back are up against the wall. Using the force may be the sexy thing to do these days, but sometimes you just need some good old ingenuity and team work to survive a pack of hungry ship-eating Frynocks.

Sabine, feeling like the odd one out, reveals more about her character's motivations. Interestingly enough, we learn that Sabine was in the Imperial Academy, while having to endure harsh conditions. The lovely young warrior still has yet to share the specifics of her training, but it doesn't sound good.

When Ezra first arrived on the Ghost, it was easy to assume that the ship's crew was an already well oiled team who had faith in each other. Sabine's backstory proves otherwise, as she admits her reluctance to trust Hera and Kanan due to her experience with the Imperials. Her plea for wanting to understand their plan was admirable, yet Hera has her reasons for secrecy.

The Twi-lek is worried that if any of her crew were to be captured, the Imperials may learn of the Rebel's plans. Since this new Star Wars  is hitting the reset button (concerning the books), what do you think the rebels' early plans might be? There are no Death Star plans to acquire yet, so what is the team's mission? We have seen Senator Bail Organa, but other than that specific encounter, the team seems to be operating to the beat of their own drum. Uncovering their true mission should continue to be a source of enjoyment for fans of this series.

Keeping the Death Star in mind, Kyber Crystals have been a topic of discussion in Rebels. These are the same crystals that are used to build lightsabers, but the Imperials are interested in them for another reason. If one were to acquire several of these items and focus them within a powerful metal sphere, then they might have a super-weapon. Perhaps the crew are aware of the enemy's interest and are trying to learn more?

Either way, Rebels has been an enjoyable journey into this new Star Wars landscape headlined by next December. Though this series is still in its infancy, things are going very well on the whole. Hopefully we'll see more of Sabine and Hera in action in the future, maybe even accompanied by the rest of the crew. Keep watching to see what happens next!

Star Wars Rebels continues with 'Empire Day' next Monday @9pm on Disney XD. Check out a behind the scenes look at 'Out of Darkness', below:

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