'Star Wars Rebels' Try a Prison Break

[This is a review of Star Wars Rebels season 1, episode 4. There will be SPOILERS.]


Star Wars Rebels finally delivers the episode we've all been waiting for, as The Inquisitor sets a trap for Kanan and the rest of the crew in this week's adventure, entitled 'Rise of the Old Masters'.

It's hard to deny the idea that Rebels has done a solid job of recapturing the "old essence" of the original trilogy by just sticking to the basics, like having a good time. Last week's outing was a bit of a drag in terms of story, but you have to give the show's co-creators Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg credit for taking their characters seriously (and developing them accordingly). Becoming familiar with a new group such as this takes time and it's something Rebels is not afraid of.

Fortunately, all of that character building paid off, as the entire band of misfits stuck together to overcome their greatest challenge yet. Firstly, it was a pleasure to watch Kanan attempt to teach young Ezra. The Jedi Knight's honest response that he did not understand Master Yoda's famous saying of "Do, or do not" was a nice touch. Ezra and Kanan are both outcasts, each trying to find their path in a universe that's rapidly changing. In a way, they're perfect for each other in a master/apprentice relationship.

While the creators have claimed that this series would not be as dark as Clone Wars, seeing the haunting image of Luminara Unduli's coffin was a harsh reminder of the massacre commissioned by Palpatine's "Order 66." When the lovely green Jedi was first shown, one can't help but feel a little excited about discovering who might have survived the events from Episode III. Surely Kanan, Obi-Wan and Yoda are not the only ones?

There were many moving parts to this episode, but The Inquisitor, voiced by the versatile Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) stole the show with his menacing voice and one of the craziest looking lightsabers ever. His weapon speaks volumes about what kind of villain he is.

According to Filoni, The Inquisitor has a mechanical weapon due to his limitations with the Dark Side. Darth Maul, for instance, can do all that spinning and twirling on his own without the help of moving parts. This new menace is skillful, but he's not a full Sith, since he lacks much of the training that Vader, Palpatine and Maul possessed. With proper instruction, Ezra and Kanan should be able to take him down. What do you think?

'Rise of the Old Masters' showcased what Rebels is capable of, delivering an episode well-balanced in story and action. We still need to learn more about our female leads, who will hopefully get their moments to shine as well.

So far, what are your favorite moments from Rebels' first few episodes? Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Star Wars Rebels continues with 'Breaking Ranks' next Monday @8pm on Disney XD. You can watch an inside look at 'Rise of the Old Masters' below:

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