Star Wars Rebels Video: Rogue One's Saw Gerrera Returns

Saw Gerrera in Clone Wars and Rogue One

Several characters who debuted in the live-action Star Wars movies have now appeared on either one or both of the two animated Star Wars TV shows - Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels - that are considered part of the official Star Wars franchise continuity. However, so far there's only one character who originated in the computer-animated side of a galaxy far, far away but has since gone on to play a pivotal role in one of the live-action Star Wars films. That would be a reference to Saw Gerrera, the "extremist" rebel against the Empire who is portrayed by Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker in director Gareth Edwards' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Saw Gerrera was originally conceived as a character for Star Wars: Underworld, the live-action TV show that George Lucas created and planned out to take place between the events of Episode III - Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV - A New Hope. Plans for Underworld were abandoned after Lucas sold Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise to Disney, yet Saw continues to live on in both animated and live-action form. A newly-released promo poster has confirmed that Saw will appear in the second half of Star Wars Rebels season 3 in 2017 - and now there's also a new video, offering a sneak peek at Saw meeting up with the Ghost's crew on the TV show.

The Saw Gerrera character was voiced by Andrew Kishino when he debuted in the Clone Wars season 5 episode titled 'A War on Two Fronts', but the video above reveals that Whitaker will be voicing the older version of the character on Rebels season 3. In addition to footage from Saw's first encounter with Kanan, Ezra and Rex on Rebels, the video below features behinds the scenes footage and insight about the series' portrayal of Saw from Rebels co-creator and showrunner Dave Filoni (who also helped introduce the character in Clone Wars), among other Lucasfilm story team members.

Star Wars Rebels - Saw Gerrera in season 3

The version of Saw shown in this Rebels featurette is noticeably less battered and more youthful looking/sounding than his live-action counterpart in Rogue One. This is partly a reflection of the difference in tones between Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels, as the latter is not only a more kid-friendly Disney XD TV show, but also takes place at a time when the members of the budding rebellion against the Empire are more optimistic and less disillusioned than when Rogue One picks up. Saw also clearly suffers his fair share of damage from combat after he crossed paths with the Rebels heroes, as the live-action version of the character has been forced to become more machine than man in Rogue One, in order to stay alive.

Saw will be featured as part of the two-part episode 'Ghosts of Geonosis' that kicks off the second half of Rebels' season 3. It appears safe to assume that, based on that title, these episodes will further connect the TV show to major events that are concurrently happening elsewhere in the Star Wars galaxy - namely, the refinement of the Death Star. For those who have been watching Rebels from the beginning, this should be another exciting step in the direction of more mature and thematically-complicated storytelling that the series has been exploring of late (much like the latter seasons of Clone Wars did before it). Now could be the perfect time to introduce a complex fellow such as Saw to the Rebels corner of the Star Wars galaxy too, for that reason.

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Star Wars Rebels season 3 will continue January 7th, 2017 on Disney XD.

Source: Disney XD

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