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Several facets and features of writer/director George Lucas' prequel trilogy in the Star Wars cinematic canon have been derided and mocked openly with wanton abandon on the behalf of fans who felt that Episodes I, II, and III were of significantly lesser quality than the original Star Wars film trilogy. Introducing the near-universally reviled original character Jar-Jar Binks starting in The Phantom Menace, the rest of the prequel trilogy followed suit in the delivery of a return to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that proved to be less than nostalgically recalled.

Thankfully, the Star Wars films of the early 2000s are now largely a thing of the past, as director J.J. Abrams has served to revitalize the entire canon of films with the release of The Force Awakens this past December. Furthermore, the animated TV series Star Wars Rebels has seen fit to bridge the gap between the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy in a big way - though Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni isn't interested in simply ignoring elements of the Star Wars prequel trilogy era (see his inclusion of key Star Wars: Clone Wars characters in Rebels season 2, for example).

At Star Wars Celebration Europe (hat tip to Comic Book), Filoni defended his use of the supposedly taboo term midi-chlorians in his work for television, both on Star Wars Rebels and its immediate animated predecessor, Clone Wars. Originally described by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) as intelligent microscopic organisms that work on a genetic and biological level within anyone gifted with a natural affinity towards harnessing the powers of the Force, Filoni has taken the basic concept behind the term to a level even more exponentially encompassing, both within and without the fictional Star Wars universe. Speaking in the defense of midi-chlorians, Filoni stated:

"To me, when you talk about the Force, the Force is in everything that’s alive; that’s what Obi-Wan says originally. That’s true, even in the days of midi-chlorians, which everybody is afraid to talk about, but I’m not. What that tells you is – when I was a kid, I believed that everybody probably had the Force, and they just didn’t believe – midi-chlorians actually prove that theory out. We all have them, just to differing degrees."

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According to Filoni's logic, midi-chlorians should be a seen as a talent that can be learned to a certain degree, but also one that is inherent to certain individuals gifted with the ability to channel that energy into the development of specific skills. For characters in Star Wars Rebels, that ability finds its way through the use of the Force in both Jedi and Sith, while real world examples range from musical mastery to athletic prowess:

“For a long time I’ve used someone like Bruce Lee as an example. He has, if you like, a lot of talent for martial arts – or a very high midi-chlorian count. If I train in martial arts, can I learn martial arts? Yes, I can improve my midi-chlorian count in that discipline. Will I be as good as Bruce Lee? No, that’s not my talent. We were always able to find real-world equivalencies to Star Wars to make comparisons that make it feel like it’s a real thing. When I talk about Force sensing, I talk about when you are standing somewhere and you don’t know but you feel someone standing behind you. It’s all extensions of those things on a much broader level. The Jedi and Sith have one way of interpreting that."

Given the fact that Star Wars Rebels has seen fit to borrow various facets from the larger franchise canon (including the recent addition of extended universe character Grand Admiral Thrawn for season 3), Filoni appears to have a novel way of looking at the franchise that doesn't exclude any facets of the series' storied history. On that note, here's to hoping that the Rebels season 3 premiere due out this fall lives up to all of the hype and anticipation that has been building up even more since Celebration.

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Star Wars Rebels season 3 premieres on Disney XD in fall 2016.

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