Star Wars Rebels Clip & Images Tease Kanan and Hera Romance

A new clip from this week's episode of Star Wars Rebels teases more of the romance between Hera and Kanan. The animated series follows the adventures of Ezra Bridger and the Ghost crew including former Jedi Kanan Jarrus, Twi’lek and ace pilot Hera Syndulla, young Mandalorian and artist Sabine Wren, former Lasat honor guard Zeb Orrelios and droid Chopper as they fight to free the galaxy far, far away from Imperial forces.

With this season being the fourth and final for Rebels, the show's writers are looking to tie up loose ends and conclude the story on a strong note. Some of the major questions fans are hoping to see answered include the fate of Ashoka Tano, whose life was left hanging in the balance during the season 2 finale when she faced off against former master Darth Vader, which members of the Ghost crew will survive their final fight against Thrawn, and how the finale ties in with the already established Star Wars cannon.

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Another major question that has pushed itself to the forefront has been the relationship between Hera and Kanan. Throughout the Star Wars franchise there have been many iconic romances that have captured fans' hearts, like Han Solo and Princess Leia, Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Satine Kryze. Most of these romances ended in heartbreak and one couple we are hoping to see forge a successful romance is Hera and Kanan. A new clip from the upcoming episode of Rebels titled ‘The Occupation’ featured on Star Wars News Net.

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In the clip we see Hera and Kanan are sneaking around in the dark trying to avoid being caught by Stormtroopers. At one point, a pair of the troopers round the corner and Kanan pulls Hera into a dark corner to hide where they almost have an intimate moment before being interrupted by Hera’s intercom. It’s a rare moment for Rebels considering, so far, the series really hasn’t had much time for romance between its characters.

The relationship between Hera and Kanan has been kept in the dark during the past three seasons. While the two clearly have a lot of love for each other, we have never seen the “mom and dad” of the Ghost crew go beyond hugging on screen. That being said, we would love to see Hera and Kanan's relationship evolve in the final season and we hope that the pair have a happy ending – a rarity as far as Star Wars romances go.

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Source: Star Wars News Net

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