Star Wars Rebels: Dave Filoni Reveals Kanan and Ahsoka's History

Ahsoka and Kanan in Star Wars Rebels

Dave Filoni has shared new details about Ashoka past with dialogue from a never before seen interaction with Kanan. In light of the still unanswered mystery of Ahsoka's fate and whereabouts, the Star Wars Rebels executive producer continues to drop interesting morsels of information regarding the former Jedi. Following his revelation earlier this month of an undisclosed meeting between Ahsoka and the Bendu, Filoni this time shared some backstory, as well as an untold conversation between the Torgutan and "Last Apprentice" Kanan.

When Ahsoka was revealed to be Fulcrum by the end of the first season of Rebels, fans quickly got excited given her direct ties to Star Wars: The Clone Wars. But while Ahsoka has become a pivotal member of the Ghost Crew before her mysterious disappearance in season 2's finale, "Twilight of the Apprentice, Rebels explored little on her backstory; not even her potentially knowing Kanan before Order 66 was commanded and the Jedis were purged. But thanks to Filoni, we now know how the two met at the Jedi Temple as Padawans.

In a new post on his official Twitter account, Filoni has spilled some details regarding Ahsoka being a mentor to Kanan in "many ways." Check out the two's supposed dialog excerpt below:

"AHSOKA: Even at a young age you were gifted with a lightsaber. But without training and discipline, those skills fade. 

(Kana gets up again, he is a bit dispirited.)

KANAN: (CONT'D): I haven't had to fight with my lightsaber very often. For a while, I chose not to. I was...

(Kanan struggles with the moment, Ahsoka helps).

AHSOKA: You were afraid to use it. I understand.

(Kanan appreciated her words.)

KANAN: I've been teaching Ezra as best as I can. I want him to be the Jedi I'm not, that I couldn't be. 

AHSOKA: And I want you to be the Jedi that you are."

— Dave Filoni (@dave_filoni) July 22, 2017

One of Kanan's biggest struggles, especially during the early episodes of the show, was coming to terms with being one of the final Jedi. Despite initially not finishing his training (which he eventually gets in season 2), he took it upon himself to try and be a good master to Ezra. The character has gone through many ups and downs since then, but arguably his biggest achievement thus far is making sure that his apprentice doesn't fall to the dark side despite several temptations along the way.

As for Ahsoka, her fate remains to be seen. The internet has been populated with various theories about what happened to her in Malachor and, if she does make a return in Rebels season 4, how she'd do it. Filoni has continued to capitalize on this fascination by giving out small hints at the character's fate. Nevertheless, whatever happens to her character, we are all hoping that she gets the fitting story wrap-up that she deserves.

Star Wars Rebels is set to conclude with the fourth and final season. The first trailer definitely made it look like the series is going a bit darker as the Ghost Crew continues their fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Galactic Empire.

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